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Deeper brand and campaign intelligence

Make smarter, more impactful business decisions with daily intelligence on thousands of brands in 45 sectors. Next-level intelligence for unparalleled always-on, powerful brand health measurement.

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Build a complete picture of your brand

Track all the brand health metrics you need across every stage of the marketing funnel. Know exactly what the world thinks about your brand, in unrivaled depth, at any given moment.

Benchmark your success using both the very latest intelligence and historical data to identify long-term trends. Track daily changes in brand perception to understand the impact of your campaigns. React quickly to short-term brand health changes and make the right long-term strategic decisions with daily data on metrics that matter.

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Understand online opinion on social media

Discover what people are saying about your brand in real-time, with a 360 ̊ view of online sentiment using our advanced social listening capabilities.

Understand how to optimize your campaigns, sponsorship and content, tracking more than 46 digital sources in over 40 markets, enabling insights into online engagement, opinion and brand affinities.

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Track customer and competitor satisfaction

Understand what drives brand reputation and loyalty with key metrics: customer experience, brand image, brand values and more.

Learn how to increase advocacy and brand loyalty with in-depth intelligence on customer satisfaction scores. From bespoke custom projects to templated research across the consumer journey, get actionable insights to optimize customer satisfaction and reduce churn.

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Why YouGov?

Take a note from the businesses who know their brand.

“YouGov BrandIndex let us quickly, accurately and objectively show the positive brand impact that our FIFA World Cup advertising partners obtained.”

- Dan Urban, Vice President of Ad Sales Research, FOX Sports