US/GB: Top five car brands leading in innovation and technology
December 26th, 2022, Janice Fernandes

US/GB: Top five car brands leading in innovation and technology

Overall price is the most important consideration for American (65%) and British (49%) consumers when looking to purchase a car. But features also sell cars - recent data from YouGov Profiles reveals potential buyers in the United States mainly look for features that would provide comfort while driving – for example, cruise control (36%). For Britons safety comes first with nearly half of consumers (49%) considering airbags as an essential feature.

Parking assistance features like rear-view parking cameras (36% in US; 35% in GB), blind spot monitors (30% in US) and parking sensors (45% in GB) are some of the features consumers would most consider adding when they’re looking to purchase a new or used car.

Features that augment smartphone usage round up the top five features car buyers would most consider – USB ports (35% in US; 37% in GB) and smartphone integration (33% in US; 37% in GB).

So, given that features play a key role in decision-making, which auto brands are considered leaders in the field of innovation and technology?

Tesla takes the top spot in the US with around a third of all consumers (33%) as well as those who intend to buy a car (30%) picking the American car maker as the leader in technological advancements.

Chevrolet, another American-made car company finds itself in the top five brands in the US – 23% of car buyers and 16% of all consumers selected it as a leader in tech. General Motors, the parent organisation has a vision of zero emissions and Ultium batteries being the future of electric vehicles.

While Tesla is leading the innovation and technology section among most groups surveyed, British consumers who intend to purchase a car in the next 12 months are not as convinced. This group is more likely to consider BMW (26%) and Audi (25%) as leaders in innovation and technology, with Tesla taking third place (21%).

German auto giants take up at least three spots in the top five for both groups, and with BMW’s latest Theatre Screen, emblematic of its innovation, it’s perhaps no surprise to see the brand making an impact here.

As the only Japanese brand on all lists, Toyota comes in a close fifth with around one in ten British adults (10%) and potential buyers (11%) considering it a leader in innovation and technology.

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Methodology: YouGov Profiles is based on continuously collected data and rolling surveys, rather than from a single limited questionnaire. Profiles data for US and Great Britain is nationally representative and weighted by age, gender, education, region, and race. Learn more about Profiles.

Photo by Bram Van Oost on Unsplash