New York’s gambling landscape after the legalisation of online sportsbooks
June 28th, 2022, Rishad Dsouza

New York’s gambling landscape after the legalisation of online sportsbooks

Soon after the legalization of online sportsbooks in New York State early this year, the state became the largest market for sports gambling in the US. But has the legalization of mobile gambling influenced other gambling behaviors? And which apps/websites are being used most widely for sports gambling in the Empire State?

We answer those questions in this piece, using data from a comprehensive recent study of online sportsbook gamblers in New York. The audience for the fresh custom study was chosen using existing data from our syndicated data tool – Global Gambling Profiles. This group was then screened to only include those who play at least once a month with an online sportsbook in New York State.

The topic was discussed in depth by a panel of industry experts during our recent webinar ‘Stay ahead of the Game’.

Key demographics of the group

Monthly sportsbook gamblers in New York are predominantly male (84%). Three in five of them (61%) are aged between 30 and 44. Ethnically speaking, four-fifths of these monthly gamblers are white (78%), while a significant proportion of them are black and Hispanic (10% and 7% respectively).

Which sportsbooks are New York gamblers using?

Over a half of monthly sportsbook gamblers in New York state use DraftKings (56%), with FanDuel following closely (52%). Caesars (48%) and BetMGM (46%) are used by over four in five online monthly sportsbook gamblers. BetRivers (38%), PointsBet (36%) and WynnBET (32%) have also carved out a significant user base.

Interestingly, the average bettor is using over three different online sportsbooks monthly. Senior research director and webinar panellist Jeff Morris points out that this represents both an opportunity and competition. “Not only do prospective bettors have a lot of choices in the marketplace, but if new sportsbooks come into the mix then there’s going to be a constant turnover of bettors trying different apps.”

Brand trust, good promotions are key to building a customer base

Over half of New York State’s monthly sportsbook gamblers indicate that trust in a brand is an important factor when they choose a sportsbook (54%).

Offers and promotions look to be a great way to win and potentially retain customers. Just under half of the audience say they consider brands that offer good promotions for new customers (46%), and a slightly higher proportion indicate that they are drawn to brands that offer good promotions even after they have stopped being new customers (49%).

Factors such as recommendations from family and friends (43%), the brand’s appeal (42%) and positive online buzz (39%) can also sway consumers.

Advertising (33%) and sports sponsorship or being connected to a casino (31%) can also bring in new consumers.

The knock-on effect

Our data shows that the legalization of online sportsbook gambling has reinvigorated interest in other forms of gambling. Half of New York’s online sportsbook gamblers say they are spending more on fantasy sports as an impact of online sportsbook betting becoming legal in the state. Just under half of them (45%) say they are now spending more with offshore sports betting websites, and a similar portion of them are spending more on casino games at physical locations (44%).

More than a third of New York’s monthly online sportsbook gamblers are also spending more on the state lottery (35%).

The roaring success of online sportsbook gambling in New York State can serve as a roadmap for other markets in the US which might legalize various forms of gambling in the near future. YouGov’s precision data tools can equip brands to effectively segment and target their audience.