Consumer sentiments towards AI and Automation in Singapore
January 4th, 2022, Melissa Pang

Consumer sentiments towards AI and Automation in Singapore

Artificial Intelligence (AI) has soon become a part of our everyday existence. However, are consumers happy or sceptical about its fast development? According to YouGov's global technology report 2021, eastern and emerging markets skew towards positive feelings on AI more than the western. We also see this trend in Singapore.

In Singapore, 32% think AI & automation is acceptable, compared to the global average of 23%. When it is about the relationship between acceptance of AI and age in Singapore, YouGov data shows that older generations do NOT have a more negative attitude towards AI. The scepticism level in Singapore indeed decreases with age.

Our full infographic looks into Singaporeans' attitudes towards AI & automation, including:

  • Singaporeans' emotions towards AI and automation
  • Relationship between acceptance of AI and age
  • Attitudes towards impact of AI on the society
  • Industries that Singaporeans believe to be profoundly impacted by AI
  • Approaches that industries should take in Singapore
  • Trust level on entities and institutions to develop automated solutions

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