Global: Which markets are ripest for the gamification of exercise?
November 25th, 2021, Graeme Bruce

Global: Which markets are ripest for the gamification of exercise?

Long ago, playing video games and exercising were diametrically opposite activities. But over the last decade, we’ve seen gaming consoles incorporate physical activity into their titles (think Ring Fit), while fitness brands have made great strides in gamifying routines (think Peloton).

The worlds of fitness and gaming are colliding.

YouGov data shows that this confluence is particularly ripe for success in North America. Of the seven markets we looked at, adults in Canada and the United States are most likely to report working out at least once a week and playing at least an hour of video games per week. In Canada, 53% work out once a week and 36% game for at least an hour per week. In the US, 51% workout once a week and 36% play video games for at least an hour per week.

There is a high proportion of consumers in Australia who report working out at least once a week (55%), but they’re less likely to play video games (33%). Similar figures emerge from European markets, such a Germany (52% exercise, 31% game) and Italy (56% and 32%). British consumers in Great Britian are by far the least likely to work out or play video games, YouGov data suggests (39% exercise, 26% game).

The data reveals possible opportunities for growth in the active video game - or ”gamercising” - space.

YouGov data shows gamers in the United States and Germany are more likely than the general public in their respective markets to wish they exercised more, and in none of the six markets are gamers less likely to feel that way compared to the general population.

The pandemic fostered higher demand for in-home exercise solutions. And while many consumers have been returning to in-person gyms, it’s likely the pandemic’s influence on gaming and exercise will be long-lasting.

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