Covid-19 Consumer Monitor
May 18th, 2021, YouGov

Covid-19 Consumer Monitor

Given the unprecedented nature of the pandemic and the profound changes it is causing, Brands need to be aware of how consumers’ lifestyle and habits are evolving at micro and macro levels.

YouGov has re-launched the COVID-19 Consumer Monitor in India to investigate consumers’ prioritised concerns as the crisis progresses.

The questionnaire will cover the following topics:

  • Consumer sentiment: Fears and worries, Government-handling of Covid-19, Vaccine deep-dive and Trust in Institutions
  • Changes in consumer behaviour: Online spending, Media consumption
  • Economic outlook: Household financial situation, Job security
  • Add-on industry module: QSR, Grocery, Finance, Automotive, Travel and Hospitality, and Consumer Durables.

What will you get:

  • 4 waves of fortnightly tracker data
  • The sample size is 1,500 (An additional sample of 500 for each sectoral deep dive)
  • Deliverables through YouGov’s proprietary data visualisation platform
  • Flexibility to add specific questions

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