How do growing online businesses successfully compete with the titans during Black Friday?
September 24th, 2019, YouGov

How do growing online businesses successfully compete with the titans during Black Friday?

Preparing businesses with the right level of insight to make the most of opportunities during peak sale periods

PR and content agency SkyParlour harnessed the power of YouGov RealTime’s international research service to explore and understand Europeans’ shopping behaviour and attitudes towards Black Friday. The trusted reputation of YouGov’s research was important in ensuring that the media content and reports helped communicate Ingenico ePayments’ expertise, solutions and services in this field to the SME community across multiple markets.

How do smaller and medium-sized merchants compete well and succeed during annual peak sales days? How can they ensure they stand out in a very competitive market dominated by global retail giants? Ingenico ePayments’ Black Friday campaign, in collaboration with SkyParlour, sought to answer these questions using YouGov RealTime’s International Omnibus service. The campaign provided data-driven insights for small and medium-sized merchants, and led to the publication of the eBook, ‘Get Prepared For Peak Sales, With Ingenico’ to provide expert statistic-led advice for European merchants.

The campaign reached respondents in six European markets, exploring consumer shopping behaviour and attitudes towards Black Friday. Using survey data, the research gained insight from nationally representative samples in the UK, France, Spain, Netherlands, Germany and Belgium, into whether these markets’ consumers have a continued appetite for Black Friday and its associated deals. Thereby, it was important not to simply measure consumer behaviour, but also to understand the benefits Black Friday brings to businesses and how they can adapt to a number of challenges associated with this promotional window.

From the data, there were clear unique characteristics for each region. For example, Spanish bargain-hunters were browsing the sales more than ever before and Dutch consumers were particularly savvy when shopping online. Cautious French shoppers were worried about security, while UK shoppers are less trusting in the savings that sales give consumers. Although Black Friday sales are growing in popularity in Belgium, it needs a revamp in Germany or it could be on the way out.

In conjunction with developing and distributing localised press releases for each of the six markets, Ingenico ePayments, in collaboration with SkyParlour, published, ‘Get Prepared For Peak Sales, With Ingenico’. This eBook revealed the opportunities and challenges that smaller merchants face when it comes to peak sales days, such as the January sales and Black Friday. ‘Get Prepared For Peak Sales, With Ingenico’ is available in all six languages and downloadable here.

With this gathered insight into consumer behaviour, Ingenico ePayments is even more equipped with key advice for merchants and clients on how to make the most of operating online and overseas.

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