Customer & competitor satisfaction

Track what’s driving loyalty

Get the full picture of what’s driving customer and competitor satisfaction
– and the right data intelligence to prove it.
With 15+ years of living data on consumer experience and NPS™, diagnose any issues affecting your brand health and take meaningful actions to change the narrative for the better.

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High level recommendation tracking

Use the Recommend score in our flagship brand tracking tool YouGov BrandIndex to monitor whether customers are likely to recommend a brand.

We screen thousands of brands to get their Recommend score by asking the question: “Would you recommend the brand to a friend or colleague?”.

Monitor customer satisfaction and benchmark against competitors to keep your finger on the pulse.

In-depth recommendation tracking

Be confident you have the full picture of what’s driving brand recommendations with YouGov Recommend+, our always-on NPS™ tracking service.

Understand and evaluate the importance of key factors: customer experience, brand image, brand values, and more.

Improve product and brand communications for greater consumer advocacy, with smarter, data-backed strategies.

Brand loyalty & switching

How loyal are your customers? What are their relationships with competitors?
Measure loyalty, retention and loss with easy templated questions designed to address key stages in the consumer funnel.

Discover when and why consumers switch, then develop future-thinking strategies to protect your business.

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Client success stories

Why YouGov?

Take a note from the businesses who know their brand.

“YouGov BrandIndex let us quickly, accurately and objectively show the positive brand impact that our FIFA World Cup advertising partners obtained.”

- Dan Urban, Vice President of Ad Sales Research, FOX Sports