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Always-on tracking, 16 key metrics. Deep insights to optimize brand growth.

Measure brand health, monitor growth, and track advertising to create an unbeatable strategy. We'll help you analyze and benchmark your success against your goals, competitors, and entire market.

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Creating a BrandIndex analysis

Here's a 5-step product tour to show you how easy it is to evaluate your brand health with gen pop or targeted audiences.

In this example, we take a look at how Superbowl advertising shaped Buzz for certain brands with the wider US population.

Looking for a little more? Check out the video below to see 4 ways to leverage BrandIndex when budgets are tight.

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Next-level brand tracking

Fresh insights

Daily data in an always-on platform, so you can spot changes as they unfold.

Know it all

Measure brand performance over time, with over a decade of historical data.

Outsmart your industry

Benchmark your competitive edge by tracking your competitors - across metrics, sectors, and markets.

Success stories

Why YouGov?

Take a note from the businesses who know their brand.

"Being able to tap into YouGov’s suite of products allowed us to evaluate and directly attribute the increase in brand awareness for Coors Banquet... using YouGov BrandIndex for brand health tracking, combined with YouGov Profiles"

Matt Slater, Senior Manager, Marketing Insights at Molson Coors