US PR & Social Surveys Calendar – Summer 2024 Edition
May 24th, 2024, YouGov

US PR & Social Surveys Calendar – Summer 2024 Edition

Timely surveys with insightful data can be a powerful vehicle for generating media coverage and social media engagement for your brand.

Looking at the summer months ahead, we’ve curated a calendar of 30+ upcoming events, celebrations and moments in time that present opportunities for data-led thought-leadership. Whatever industry you’re in, there should be something here for you.

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Memorial Day – May 27th

The unofficial start of summer, Memorial Day and the proceeding weeks is a great opportunity to pitch summer leisure and vacation trends.

  • Hospitality brands and destinations: Poll Americans on their summer travel plans and highlight how priorities have changed post-COVID. If you want to go local, YouGov’s US CityBus survey lets you target respondents in 40+ US and international cities.
  • Theme parks and attractions: What are Americans’ favorite rides? Who considers themselves a thrill-seeker? And how attractive are virtual events compared to in-person experiences? Show that your brand is keeping the (slightly elevated) pulse of amusement-park goers and continuing to evolve with the times. Use our US Youth Omnibus to reach 6-19-year-olds.
  • Home improvement brands/retailers: What are Americans’ top home improvement projects for the summer? Will they be planting a vegetable garden this year to save on produce? How does the condition of Americans’ front lawns correlate with their overall happiness? Who is planning a major renovation? Run a survey that will set the agenda for everyone’s next staycation. Use our US Homeowners Omnibus to target this precise slice of the population.

LGBTQ+ Pride Month – June

Pride Month, celebrated annually in June, honors and embraces the LGBTQ+ community's diversity, history and achievements.

Surveys can help brands gain valuable insights into the unique experiences, needs and preferences of their LGBTQ+ employees and customers, fostering a more inclusive and supportive environment for all.

  • Brands supporting employee inclusion: How important is it to work for a company that supports and celebrates Pride Month? Which company policies would encourage employees to join a company? How many in the LGBTQ+ community feel like they can be their true selves at work? Ask America or a targeted sample of LGBTQ+ Americans.
  • Grocery or media: How do LGBTQ+ Americans want to be marketed to? Have Americans ever bought a beer or snack because it had a rainbow on it? What flavors are the most LGBTQ+ friendly? Do LGBTQ+ Americans trust advertisers to stick with them if the going gets tough?
  • Leisure & entertainment brands: How many Americans have ever been to a drag show? What about a Pride parade? What’s the bare minimum number of floats or people required for something to be considered a parade?

World Environment Day – June 5th

As younger consumers increasingly expect brands to take a stand on environmental issues, World Environment Day is a timely opportunity to highlight these problems and show your brand cares about making a difference.

  • All brands with a focus on environmental sustainability: Take a leadership position by polling Americans about their opinions on climate change. Do they recycle? Compost? What environmental policies and goals do they support? How have they been impacted by climate change already? Ask Americans or compare global perspectives with our International Omnibus.
  • Financial Services: With ESG in the spotlight, survey Americans about if and how much environmental impact should be weighed in making investment decisions. Are investors willing to accept lower returns to support companies that mitigate climate change?
  • Healthcare: What are the impacts of climate change on health, and how aware are Americans of these dangers? Forward-looking healthcare providers, or even pharmaceutical companies, can explore public opinion on the growing risks posed to human health.

National Donut Day June 7th

With more than one in four Americans dropping by a donut shop monthly for a quick bite or a coffee, National Donut Day has developed a devoted following. Lead the conversation this year with a fun survey.

  • Brands with a sweet tooth: Which is the ultimate donut - classic glazed or jelly-filled? Does a donut need a hole to be a donut? How do different generations feel about more adventurous flavors like maple bacon, mint and key lime donuts? And do respectable Americans actually dip donuts in their coffee?
  • Public safety brands: Time to arrest the old cliché of donuts and law enforcement officers? But, be forewarned, this non-scientific Twitter poll suggests that police might actually prefer another ring-shaped edible.
  • Auto or tire brands: Have you ever done a donut in your car? Have you ever been in the car while another driver did a donut? Shift gears on this annual celebration to get drivers revved up.

World Oceans Day – June 8th

73% of Americans are concerned about the impact human activity is having on our oceans, a 2021 YouGov survey found. World Oceans Day presents a moment to celebrate our oceans, put a spotlight on deteriorating ocean health and show how your brand is responding.

  • Any brand with a connection to water: Do Americans feel a connection to the ocean? Are people who swim regularly in the ocean happier? What about Americans who have never seen the ocean in-person? Or, for those interested in exploring the absurd, which bodies of water do Americans think it’s OK or not OK to pee in?
  • Watersports brands: Both surfers and standup paddleboarders ride boards, but what sets these two communities apart? Uncover those surprising, niche insights about your ocean-loving customers, or find out which watersports are about to catch a wave.
  • All brands with a focus on environmental sustainability: Most people realize that their lifestyle is having an impact on the ocean, but what are they actually willing to do to stop further deterioration – shorter showers, reduced use of herbicides on their lawns, paying more for seafood? Use survey data to rally consumers behind your sustainability initiatives.

National Get Outdoors Day – June 10th

Nearly one in five Americans cite hiking, climbing or other outdoor pursuits as a hobby. National Get Outdoors Day is there to get the other 81% off the couch. Run a survey to inspire Americans to explore the outdoors and stay safe doing so.

  • Outdoors retailers: Hikes are much happier with the right gear. Poll hiking pros about what five things are essential to take on a day trip. What about a multi-day camping trip? What’s the highest elevation Americans have ever climbed to? And how many Americans have experienced being lost in the wilderness? If you’re a regional brand, use YouGov CityBus to ask just the locals.
  • Grocery or CPG brands: Which snacks are best on the trail? What about poolside or at the beach? Which snacks are the best to bring to a baseball game you’re watching, coaching, or playing in?
  • Health & pharma brands: Use National Get Outdoors Day to raise awareness for the importance of exercise and staying safe when outdoors. How much time does the average American spend outside every day? Is there a correlation between spending time outside and good mental health? How frequently do Americans reapply sunscreen when they’re at the beach? Do they carry a first aid kit when they hike?
  • Leisure & entertainment brands: Which outdoor activities do Americans want to try, but haven’t yet? Do they have plans to do them? Does playing mobile phone games outside count as “getting outdoors”? Want to survey just teens? Use our Youth Omnibus.

National Flag Day – June 14th

75% of Americans say they make an effort to support American businesses, according to YouGov Profiles data. Flag Day, celebrating the flag’s adoption in 1777, is all about American patriotism, with homes and businesses who celebrate opting to fly the Red, White and Blue for all to see.

  • Made-in-America retailers: Are Americans becoming more or less patriotic? How often do they fly the flag at home? Are they more or less likely to enter a store with an American flag flying? What about other well-known flags?
  • Media companies: Do Americans know why flags are flown at half-mast? What reasons are most acceptable to fly the flag at half-mast? Which reasons are less important?
  • Dating apps: In 2021, 86% of Americans said they were confident they could spot a red flag in a relationship. What are red flags in a relationship? What about green flags? Compare opinions on dating between countries using our International Omnibus.

U.S. Open Golf – Starts June 13th

One of the world’s four major golf tournaments, this annual competition brings the top golfers around the world to the U.S. for a multi-million-dollar prize.

  • Brands that sponsor golf tournaments: Do Americans want an American golfer to win? Who would they want to caddy for if they could pick any player? What would encourage them to watch non-major golf tournaments?
  • Golf brands: Poll amateur golfers on their fairway habits, and misdeeds. Do they rent a cart or walk the course? Do they think they’re better at driving, chipping or putting? Have they ever hit a hole-in-one? Have they ever lied about their handicap, dropped a ball out their pant leg, or kicked a ball to get a better lie?
  • Financial Services: How important is golf for networking? Do Americans think that being good at golf correlates with making more money? How many Americans have conducted business deals or made valuable connections on a golf course?
  • Sports leagues in off-season: Which star players do fans think would win against each other? Who has the longest drive? Who’s most likely to win a game of mini golf?

Father’s Day – June 16th

We all get bombarded with ads around Father’s Day, highlighting the perfect gifts and what it means to be a dad. But what do fathers really care about?

  • Any brand: Did you call your dad last Father’s Day? Does Father’s Day or Mother’s Day get more attention in American households? Would fathers prefer their family’s attention all day or the whole day to themselves this Father’s Day? And do you need to be a dad to tell Dad jokes?
  • Tool brands: Survey dads on which tool/s they’d choose if they were only allowed to keep five. Or how many hours do they spend in an average weekend searching for lost tools? Do they use tools regularly or just collect them?
  • Clothing brands: Do dads like shopping for their own clothes? Are the clothes they pick more fashionable? What do their spouse and children think? Use our Children and Parents Omnibus.

Juneteenth – June 19th

In just its third year as a recognized federal holiday, Juneteenth 2024 will surely ignite conversations around the progress (or lack thereof) of various diversity, equity & inclusion initiatives adopted following the George Floyd protests of June 2020. How do Americans think brands should celebrate Juneteenth?

Whether you want to survey African Americans or a nationally representative audience, there are many unrealized conversations as the national traditions around this holiday evolve.

  • Any brand: How much do people know about African American history or famous African American icons? How far has the US progressed toward racial equality? Do people feel confident that it’s achievable?
  • Brands supporting employee inclusion: Have you ever experienced unconscious bias in the workplace? Do you feel that your race impacts your prospects in a job interview? Do you feel like your company’s management represents you?

Summer Solstice – June 20th

The official start to the Summer in the Northern hemisphere, the Summer Solstice has the most daylight of the year. Do Americans celebrate, or have they already started their summers? How do people who view the solstice as the start of the summer spend their longer days? Does this vary across international markets?

  • Mattress brands: Do Americans sleep less when there’s more daylight? Do they go to sleep later or wake up earlier? How does napping change during the summer?
  • Music companies: Has the song of the summer been released yet? What’s the ultimate summer song? Do Americans prefer to listen to music in the car with the windows open or closed?
  • Renewable energy companies: How many Americans have solar panels? For those who don’t, what’s stopping them? Would they trust a solar-powered car? Do they think a magnifying glass could supercharge solar energy?

Take Your Dog to Work Day – June 21st

Dog ownership has surged over the past three years (check out our 2023 Dog Ownership report to understand why). 32% of US dog owners work on-site indoors-equivalent to 35 million Americans. How many are planning to bring their dog into the office? How many are allowed?

  • Doggie daycares: Do people who work at home spend more time with their dogs? Does their dog distract them from work? Do they ever use daycare or dogwalkers to focus?
  • Pet-friendly restaurants and hotels: Do Americans miss their pets on vacation? Does boarding or finding pet-sitters deter Americans from traveling?
  • Companies with dog-friendly offices: How many Americans have ever brought their dog to work? Are workers more willing to return to the office if they can bring their pets? Would they consider switching jobs for a dog-friendly office?

World Social Media Day – June 30th

Americans are polarized on social media, with 32% thinking it’s good for the world, 33% thinking it’s bad for the world, and the rest neutral or unsure. Capture the conversation by framing a debate around social media etiquette.

  • Any brand: When is it appropriate to send someone a direct message? What platforms are appropriate for political commentary? How long is it okay to ignore a notification before responding? Have they ever poked anyone or been poked?
  • Retail brands: How many Americans have purchased an item from targeted advertising? What about after a few drinks? Have they found a new favorite brand on social media?
  • Social media tools: Do social media managers feel that their colleagues and clients understand their role? How many social media posts per day is too many for each platform? Which platforms do they think their companies should invest more or less in over the next year? Which platforms do they use personally?
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Tour de France Cycling – Starts June 29th

19% of Americans say cycling is one of their passions, according to YouGov Profiles data. Are they planning to tune in for the Tour de France? Who do they think will wear the yellow jersey most? What country will the winner be from?

  • CPG brands: What do cyclists drink while they ride? Do they bring snacks to refuel? What do they like to eat after their workouts?
  • E-bike brands: Should the Tour de France allow e-bikes? Would more people watch the race if it had e-bikes?
  • Fitness brands: Are more Americans willing to bike for exercise during the Tour de France? What about a stationary bike or interactive cycling classes?
  • Health & pharma: How many of America's youth are learning to ride a bike in 2023? How many ride a bike to school? What percentage of Americans wear a bike helmet?
  • Travel brands: How many Tour de France viewers want to visit France after watching the race? What about taking bike tours in other scenic locations?

Independence Day – July 4th

56 percent of Americans say they plan to celebrate 4th of July, according to a 2023 YouGov Survey. And 53% of Americans say that the country is becoming less patriotic. That said, the celebration of the signing of the Declaration of Independence remains the landmark summer holiday, featuring cookouts, fireworks and parades where Americans across the nation display their passion for what the red, white and blue represents.

  • Grocery brands: The Fourth of July is a big day for block parties and family cookouts. How many are hosting a party this year? What’s on the menu? And what do Americans think is the most patriotic food, drink or snack? Supermarket brands have a great opportunity to stay top of mind ahead of the big grocery shop. Get a local read using our YouGov CityBus.
  • Investment firms: Why not use the Fourth as an opportunity to highlight a different kind of independence: financial independence. Do Americans think they are on-track to achieve their financial goals? What are they investing in? Do they have a firm retirement plan?
  • Travel brands: Do Americans prefer to celebrate with friends or family? How far are they planning to travel to celebrate? Do they prefer professional or DIY firework shows?

International Kissing Day – July 6th

YouGov and your brand, sitting in a tree, P-O-L-L-I-N-G. First comes data, then comes insight, then comes press giving you the green light!

  • Lipstick brands: Can Americans tie a knot with a cherry stem? How many different people have Americans kissed? Do pecks count, or does it need to be a certain length of time?
  • Dating apps: On which date do single people think their first kiss should happen? Does it vary by gender? When did Americans who are in long-term relationships have their first kiss? Try the US Generational Omnibus to uncover how attitudes have evolved.
  • Pet retailers: Do you let your dog kiss you? What if it just finished sniffing another dog’s butt? What about someone else’s dog?

National Video Game Day – July 8th

Not to be confused with the nearly identical National Video Games Day in early September (there must have been a bug in the code), this holiday celebrates games and gamers. 23% of Americans play video games at least seven hours per week, according to YouGov Profiles. Get in the game by targeting this diverse audience.

  • Mobile carriers: How much time do Americans spend playing games on their phones? What type of games do they play – from Call of Duty to Wordle? Do they think newer smartphones give gamers an advantage in fast-paced games?
  • Media or gaming companies: Tap into the nostalgia with a poll on which console is the GOAT. Why? Is it the top console because of nostalgia, the games, the innovation relative to other options at the time? Something else?
  • Social media companies: How many people have become better friends with someone through video games? Do Americans friend the people they play games with on social media? Do they play video games with people they met on social media?

MLB All-Star Game – July 16th

The MLB’s annual midsummer classic brings together some of the best baseball players in the American and National League to compete for bragging rights and a possible claim to home-field advantage in the World Series.

  • CPG: What is the best ballpark food? Drinks? What about the most classic ballpark food and drinks that’s overrated?
  • Leisure & entertainment: What music genre would Americans choose for their walk-up song? What other scenarios outside of baseball should walk-up music be introduced?
  • Travel & tourism: Which cities of MLB teams are the best places to visit? Which has the best food?

Amazon Prime Day – Dates TBA

Amazon Prime Day is an international, 48-hour sales event that offers millions of Amazon Prime members around the world limited-time discounts on a variety of products across multiple categories. One of the biggest online shopping events of the year, brands, agencies, and journalists well beyond the Amazon ecosystem often strategize around it, lending a perfect opportunity for newsjacking surveys.

  • Consumer technology: How fast do Americans think various electronic devices go out of style and need to be replaced? Beyond discounts, which features and benefits will Prime Day shoppers look for in consumer electronics?
  • Financial services: When Americans are ready make higher-ticket purchases, do they wait until there are sales? How long are they willing to wait for various types of products?
  • Health & fitness: How many Americans have home gym equipment, or plan to purchase it? Which exercise equipment do Prime day shoppers plan to purchase this year? For those who have a home gym, how often do they use it?
  • Online brands: How many Americans have ever left a product review? What percentage of online reviews do Americans think are from real customers, versus the sellers themselves or bots?
  • Retailers: Are internet shopping holidays fulfilling? What is keeping different Americans gravitating toward in-store shopping experiences, and what shopping motivators will never be the same online?

National Ice Cream Day – July 21st

The average American eats 20 pounds of ice cream each year, according to the International Dairy Foods Association, so it’s clear Ice Cream Day isn’t “celebrated” just once a year. Still, the officially sanctioned celebration presents a mouth-watering survey opportunity for brands.

  • Brands licking for something fun: In 2021, 15% of Americans told YouGov they would be interested in trying Mac & Cheese ice cream. Was this a COVID-influenced anomaly, or a sign of bigger problems with the national psyche? Survey Americans on their favorite flavors to set the record straight. Or tackle the eternal question that every four-year-old must wrestle with: cup or cone?
  • Beverage brands: Which soft drinks pair best with ice cream? Which pair worst? Would Americans prefer a float or separate containers?

National Drive-Thru Day – July 24th

Is National Drive-Thru Day a made-up holiday designed to sell more burgers? Maybe, but who wants to get out of their car in the sweltering summer heat? This day is an obvious boon for fast food restaurants, but other types of brands can run press-worthy surveys to generate buzz as well.

  • Fast food brands: Who should do the ordering - the driver, the person in shotgun, or the person behind the driver? Should there be time limits to looking at the menu when you’ve been asked to order?
  • Car brands: How many Americans have tried to use a drive-thru without a car? Did it work? What percentage of Americans have ever purchased coffee, beer or flowers via drive-thru? And, would EV drivers prefer to order inside while their cars are charging?
  • Vacuum cleaner brands: Do people eat their food in the car after ordering it? In the parking lot or on the road? How long do they wait before cleaning out French fries that fall between the seats?

Beginning of International Comic-Con – July 25th

Over the past 50 years, Comic-Con has grown from a small gathering of comic book enthusiasts in San Diego to a sprawling convention attracting more than 130,000 costume-wearing fans. 74% of Americans say they have heard about the convention, according to YouGov Profiles data. The four-day-long event always generates extensive media coverage and presents brands with an opportunity to reveal their inner superhero (or geek) with a well-timed survey. BIFF! BAM! POW!

  • Financial services: Is there an appetite for NFTs among various fandoms? How much money are attendees willing to spend on collectibles, both virtual and real? Do Americans who want to attend Comic-Con but can’t treat themselves to any new memorabilia? What do fans view the resale value of comic book memorabilia to be?
  • Grocery stores: What makes for a supermarket superhero? Who are the most under-appreciated employees? What about the most under-appreciated actions of fellow shoppers?
  • Fashion: How many different articles of clothing are required for a quality superhero costume? Of people who have dressed up for Comic-Con before, what unrelated locations would they be willing to wear their costumes? The movies? A sports game? Their workplace or school?
  • Technology: Which futuristic technologies from science fiction shows and movies would Americans most like to use? Which seem most realistic? How much of an impact to older sci-fi stories do Americans think had on the development of current technologies?

Olympic Games – Starting July 26th

The Olympic Games represent the pinnacle of athletic prowess for more than 40 competitive sports. It's also a time when less popular sports take the spotlight. According to YouGov Profiles, swimming is the Olympic sport that generates the biggest following among Americans with 26%, followed closely by gymnastics.

Since women first competed in the 1900 Paris Games, female participation has grown significantly, with nearly equal numbers of men and women competing in recent Games. Interestingly, the growing presence of female athletes appears to be influencing the audience, as women now make up 51% of Olympic sports viewers, surpassing men.

Harry Potter’s Birthday – July 31st

More than 90% of Americans say they’ve heard of Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone, and 55% have an outright positive view of the book, according to ratings data in YouGov Profiles. Run a survey to make media coverage appear out of thin air on Harry Potter’s birthday.

  • Airlines & travel brands: Would you trust a flying broom to get you from Point A to Point B? Would you trust teleportation? What concerns would you have with each form of transport?
  • Software companies: Which common tech problems would Americans most want to solve with the flick of a magic wand? Which business challenges would companies want to solve with a magic wand?
  • Sports: Which professional teams match most with the ethos of the different Hogwarts houses? Do Americans view their favorite team as akin to Gryffindor? Which star players would be the best at Quidditch?
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International Beer Day – August 2nd

The most ancient of all beverages (with the possible exception of water), beer remains America’s favorite form of booze. YouGov Profiles data shows that 52% of Americans aged 21+ drink beer at least once a week. Tap into this topic with a quick survey, whether you’re a brand that brews or an interested bystander.

  • Beer and culinary brands: With the proliferation of craft breweries and beer connoisseurs, everyone seems to have an opinion on the best brew. What are Americans favorite types of beer? Do preferences change with the seasons? And beyond peanuts and pretzels, what are the top snacks to accompany a pint?
  • Non-alcoholic beer brands: YouGov’s recent report found the number of non-alcoholic beer drinkers has surged 8x since 2020. Run an in-depth survey to explore what’s driving this shift. Do most beer drinkers drink to get drunk, or for the flavor? Do non-alcoholic beer drinkers think their pints taste as good? And how much would the average American pay to escape a hangover?

International Cat Day – August 8th

41 percent of Americans have a cat in their household, putting them a distant second to dog owners, according to YouGov Profiles. But if YouTube is anything to go by, cat owners seem to be extremely fond of their felines, and passionate about spreading the word. Make International Cat Day yours with a survey exploring America’s cat owners and the close relationship with their furry friends.

  • Pet supplies brands and retailers: Do cat owners prefer cuddling their cat, or their partner? How often do they post photos or videos of their cat on social media? And do they actually believe their cat likes them, or is it just using them for food and warmth?
  • Insurance companies: Cats are said to have nine lives. What dangerous activities would Americans take up if they had nine lives? What steps are Americans taking to prolong their one life?

Back To School – August

The annual shopping bonanza where parents frantically prepare to send their kids back to school is a perfect time to stay top-of-mind. Brands that effectively engage with Americans during this period can set the foundation for success throughout the school year.

  • CPG: Which school supplies do parents plan to purchase this year? What is the makeup of the perfect brown bag lunch?
  • Fashion brands: Which fashion trend from the past would students like to see comeback this school year? How often can you wear an outfit to school before it’s unfashionable? Is it cool to wear sustainable fashion? Ask kids what they think.
  • Auto & transport brands: How do children get to school – walking, biking, carpooling, public transportation? How many wheels does a vehicle need to be considered a bus? Are there any health concerns with taking the bus post-COVID?
  • Health & pharma: How many parents have a physical learning setup in place for remote or sick days? Which health and wellness practices or products are considered essential for a successful school year? Are kids more worried about COVID or RSV? Use our Children and Parents Omnibus to explore attitudes.

International Lefthanders Day – August 13th

Around 12% of Americans are left-handed, according to YouGov Profiles. And virtually everything you’ve heard about them is true: they are progressive, theatre-going flexitarians who are far more likely to keep a rabbit or snake as a pet than their right-handed compatriots (we’re kidding, but all those things are true…) Why not use International Lefthanders Day to celebrate southpaws with a fun survey, or take a more serious look at the challenges lefthanders face in a righthander-dominated world.

  • Golfing brands: Do lefthanders really have a disadvantage on the golf course? How many southpaws have learnt to play righthanded due to lack of access to clubs or coaches? And what other habits do lefties bring to the links that set them apart from righthanders?
  • Guitar brands: Take the golf questions above and reinterpret them musically, man.
  • Any brand that’s “left-leaning”: In years past, many lefthanded children were forced in school to use their right hand to write. How do lefthanders believe growing up in a right-hander dominated world impacted them? Has it had any benefits?

National Financial Awareness Day – August 14th

How many Americans are aware of National Financial Awareness Day? Whether people are living paycheck-to-paycheck or optimizing their 401(k), it’s a good day to uncover interesting financial habits and best practices.

  • Consumer banks: Use the generational omnibus to see how America’s youth are thinking about savings accounts. Do they understand the benefits of a bank or are they more concerned with accessible technologies that allow them to easily transfer money but don’t offer interest? How do these attitudes compare to other generations?
  • Gambling companies: What steps to bettors take to make sure they gamble responsibly? Do they set a budget? How often do they stick to their budgets?
  • Trading platforms: Would Americans rather make 10% earnings on a trade a financial investor advised, or make 9% earnings on a trade they sought out themselves? Do retail investors trust AI to make recommendations for them?

National Non-Profit Day – August 17th

National Non-Profit Day is a huge day for donations and spurring new patrons to join your cause. This makes it an ideal opportunity to release compelling survey data highlighting pressing issues relating to the population you serve.

  • Non-Profits: How concerned are Americans about the issue(s) you focus on? What solutions do they think are most effective to solving them? What have they done to mitigate the impact of the problem themselves? How much do they think other Americans are doing to mitigate the impact of the problem?
  • Accounting & financial services: What are the most popular causes that people donate to on National Non-Profit Day? What do Americans see as the benefits of donating to a non-profit? Do they think people donate for tax write-offs or because they care?
  • Brands focused on Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR): Do Americans like to buy more from companies that support non-profits? Do they think their fellow Americans should buy more from companies that support non-profits? Can a for-profit brand have the same impact as a non-profit?
  • Sustainability: What do Americans think are the most important environmental causes that need donations? What about the types of environmental organizations that would be most impactful to volunteer with?

National Lemonade Day – August 20th

For many American children, running a lemonade stand on their front lawn or sidewalk is their first experience of entrepreneurship. Use this national celebration to showcase the importance of financial literacy, business ownership and resilience.

  • Brands supporting entrepreneurship: How many young Americans plan to start their own business? What is inspiring them and what is holding them back? How do they plan to fund their venture? Do they have a detailed financial plan? Use our Children and Parents Omnibus to explore teens’ attitudes.
  • Brands squinting through the sourness: They say that when life gives you lemons, make lemonade. Why not use Lemonade Day to gauge the optimism and resilience of the nation? According to YouGov Profiles, just 13% of Americans feel like the world is getting better. Why is life tasting more like lemons or lemonade? Do younger Americans have the same can-do attitude in the face of adversity as previous generations?

Women’s Equality Day – August 26th

73% of Americans think it's important to support women-owned businesses. And 70% said they feel brands should focus on addressing gender equality in the workplace.

  • Law firms: Do Americans believe that existing laws and policies adequately protect women's rights? Do they feel confident that they know what laws exist? What about discrimination in employment? Ask the US population or a B2B audience specifically.
  • Entertainment companies: How many Americans are familiar with the Bechdel Test? What percentage of movies and television do Americans think pass the Bechdel Test? Have they ever boycotted a piece of entertainment because it didn’t pass the Bechdel Test?

U.S. Open Tennis Grand Slam – Starts August 26th

10% of Americans tuned in for the last US Open Tennis Grand Slam, according to YouGov Profiles, and the tournament was the fourth buzziest sports property in the United States in 2022, according to YouGov Global Sports Rankings 2023. While the next tournament won’t have Serena Williams or Roger Federer, it’s sure to cause a racket on the net, and brands can serve up surveys to guide the conversation.

  • Tennis gear brands and sports retailers: With the recent retirement of several tennis legends, are fewer children and teens inspired to pick up the racket? Use our Youth or Children and Parents omnibus to gauge the health of grassroots tennis in America. Are African Americans and other minorities choosing tennis? Are courts and coaches accessible? Who do young players idolize among the new crop of emerging tennis stars?
  • Fashion companies: Are tennis players the best dressed? Which sport has the worst outfits? Do tennis fans think visors are cooler than non-tennis fans do?

Labor Day – September 2nd

The unofficial end of summer, Labor Day celebrates the labor movement and the contribution of workers to the US economy. As well as showing appreciation to employees, it’s a great moment for businesses to run surveys exploring the future of work and highlight their worker-friendly perks.

  • HR recruitment brands: Explore how the shift to remote and hybrid work has impacted employees’ lives, and what benefits they value the most. Are remote workers working fewer or more hours? How much does company culture matter? Do Americans think compensation is keeping up with inflation? What age should Americans be able to retire?
  • Tech companies: How is technology reshaping the future of work? Will AI play a positive role, or displace workers?
  • Honoring frontline workers: While it’s a federal holiday honoring workers, 11% of Americans said they were expecting to work last Labor Day. Who is working on Labor Day this year? Should shops be opening? Do workers deserve extra compensation?
  • Retail, leisure and entertainment brands: What are Americans planning to do for the Labor Day weekend? Run a survey exploring anything from what’s on the cookout menu, to entertainment and shopping plans.
  • Travel brands: With summer vacation season coming to an end, Labor Day is an opportune moment to survey Americans on where they visited, what they did and how much they spent. Did they face travel disruptions? Did their accommodation live up to expectations? And when will they start planning their next summer trip?