Unravelling the TV preferences of Americans who enjoy museums and art galleries
August 1st, 2023, Kineree Shah

Unravelling the TV preferences of Americans who enjoy museums and art galleries

Eight in 10 Americans say museums can be fun (81%), according to data from YouGov Profiles. In spite of this, over half of Americans say they have either never visited a museum or visit less than once a year (56%). Clearly, a large proportion of Americans don’t visit museums often even though they might appreciate the idea of it. So how can museums get consumers to visit in greater numbers? Understanding the media preferences of those who say museums can be fun is perhaps a critical first step towards reaching out to them.

Delving into the demographics of those who say museums can be fun, over a third (35%) are mid-aged adults (45-64). This is closely followed by those aged 30-44 and 65+, each of whom constitute nearly a quarter of consumers. Adults aged 18-29 account for slightly less than one-fifth of Americans who see the fun in a museum visit (18%). When we turn our attention to the gender divide, the distribution is fairly balanced, with females accounting for a slight majority (52% females and 48% males).

Given the overwhelming popularity of the medium, TV shows – and those who feature in them – can be an effective means to reach audiences. YouGov Profiles allows us to look into consumers’ favorite TV shows across genres. Of the current comedy TV shows that receive the most positive ratings among this audience, “America's Funniest Home Videos” is the top-rated. This is followed closely by "The Big Bang Theory" and "The Simpsons". When it comes to crime TV shows “Perry Mason” is the most preferred choice. "Law & Order: SVU" and "NCIS" trail slightly behind, resonating positively with over half of Americans.

In terms of TV dramas, three in five museum-liking Americans favor "The X-Files" (62%). This is a significant lead over other dramas like “Hawaii Five-O" (49%), “Stranger Things” (47%), and “Game of Thrones” (47%). When it comes to talk shows, ratings are fairly even. "The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon" and "The Late Show with Stephen Colbert" both tie for the lead (46% each).

Turning to TV personalities, Alex Trebek is the standout favorite (76%). Bob Barker follows second, with nearly two-thirds of Americans giving him a thumbs-up (63%). The likes of Jay Leno, Drew Carey, and Steve Harvey also command favorability, receiving positive ratings from three in five consumers (59% each).

Among actresses, Betty White takes the crown, with four out of five consumers rating her positively. Sandra Bullock, Carol Burnett, Julie Andrews, and Goldie Hawn follow close behind. The actor's list is similarly star-studded. Morgan Freeman is the clear favorite, with positive ratings from almost nine in ten of these consumers (86%). Harrison Ford, Keanu Reeves, Michael J. Fox, and James Earl Jones also earn high marks, each receiving approval from four out of five Americans who enjoy museums (79-80%). 

Understanding these preferences can empower marketers and brands to better tailor their offerings and communication strategies, ultimately enabling them to engage this broad consumer segment more effectively and meaningfully.

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