Favourite actors, TV shows, and influencers of UK’s museum admirers
August 1st, 2023, Kineree Shah

Favourite actors, TV shows, and influencers of UK’s museum admirers

Museums can be fun, agree four-fifths of the British population (79%), according to data from YouGov Profiles. In spite of this, over three-fifth of Britons say they have either never visited a museum or visit less than once a year (59%). Clearly, a vast proportion of Britons don’t visit museums often even though they might appreciate the idea of it. But who exactly is this audience? While YouGov Profiles can help shine a light on various aspects of consumption behavior and attitudinal data, in this piece we also focus on their interests in TV shows and movie actors.

As we explore the demographic breakdown, it's clear that enjoyment of museums and art galleries corresponds with age. Young adults, aged 18-24, constitute one-eighth (12%) of all those who find museums and art galleries engaging. This representation grows in older age brackets. Those aged 25-39 make up almost a quarter (23%), followed by individuals aged 40-54 (26%). Topping the list, however, is the 55+ age group, which represents two in every five individuals (40%). The gender split is more evenly balanced, with a slight tilt towards women, accounting for 52% compared with 48% of men.

When it comes to this audience’s most positively rated current actors, Hollywood heavyweights Morgan Freeman (85%) and Judi Dench (85%) resonate deeply. Delving into influencers, Joe Wicks, known as The Body Coach, appears to be the leading figure (41%). Among TV personalities, Sir David Attenborough, famous for his nature documentaries, takes the crown (87%). Money saving expert Martin Lewis (73%), and veteran journalist Trevor McDonald (71%), both secure their spot among the top three.

Looking at positively rated current comedy TV programmes, 'The Simpsons' takes the lead with more than three in five of these consumers (62%) rating it positively. 'Have I Got News for You' (56%) and 'French & Saunders' (55%) also stand out. For crime and law TV programmes, 'Sherlock' is rated positively by three in five of these museum-positive Britons (58%).

As for TV dramas, 'Line of Duty' gets the thumbs up from more than half (57%) of these culture enthusiasts. Not far behind in this genre are 'The X-Files' (55%) and 'Killing Eve' (50%). Among TV sitcoms 'Porridge' is the top choice for three in five Britons (63%). 'Birds of a Feather' also fares well with half of the consumers rating it positively. Both are so old as to perhaps warrant a place in a museum.

Our data suggests that age plays a significant role, with 55+ people exhibiting a slightly stronger affinity for museums and art galleries than all US adults (38% vs 40%). Moreover, familiar faces in the acting world, practical influencers, and knowledgeable TV personalities command substantial respect among this group. Similarly, their TV preferences underline a fondness for thoughtful narratives, sharp wit, and captivating drama – as well as older shows. 

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