How Americans foresee the impact of AI on job roles
June 26th, 2023, Kineree Shah

How Americans foresee the impact of AI on job roles

The future of artificial intelligence (AI) is a topic that has sparked plenty of debate and curiosity in the past few months, with varied opinions on how it might revolutionize jobs across different sectors. A YouGov survey sheds light on the perception of Americans on this very issue, offering some compelling insights.

Among the listed occupations, technical support (27%), accounting (24%), writing copy for websites (22%) and software development (20%) were the most common roles where consumers anticipated AI to outperform humans within the next five years.

On the other hand, fewer Americans felt that AI would outperform humans in roles that typically involve a more personalized touch. Less than a fifth (18%) thought that AI could surpass humans in art or graphic design, a field that is often associated with creativity and human ingenuity. Fewer still (18%) foresaw AI excelling as travel agents (16%) or in courier or delivery services (15%). Similarly, more than one-tenth of Americans expected AI to provide superior financial advice or customer services (14 each%).

In traditionally human-centric roles such as retail, about one in eight (12%) felt AI could do a better job. This dropped to less than one-tenth (8%) for recruiting, suggesting a stronger reliance on human judgement and interpersonal skills in these domains.

As for roles with significant responsibility and expertise, such as pharmacists and journalists, less than one in ten consumers (11% and 10% respectively) believed that AI would outperform humans. The least likely profession where consumers think AI will outperform humans is doctors (7%). On a related note, it may be interesting to explore the attitude of Americans towards AI and healthcare.

There is a clear inclination towards acknowledging the role of AI in fields that are technical and rule-based. However, when it comes to roles requiring personal interaction, creativity, or high-stakes decision-making, there remains a preference for the human touch.

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