Telco: 2022 trends and insights of the US market
December 26th, 2022, Kineree Shah

Telco: 2022 trends and insights of the US market

In this piece we are rounding up this year’s highlights of the telecom sector in the US market.

2022 may have been a bumpy year for network service providers, with one in 10 Americans switched their phone carriers (12%). Looking at next year’s churn, one-fifth of Americans tell us they are likely to change their carrier. We’ll keep an eye on how that pans out.

The main motivation for choosing a different carrier is cheaper deals (27%) which is given at a time when inflation is soaring and a cost of living crisis is underway for many. This is followed by better network coverage (25%) and better value for money (such as higher data allowances for talk and text; 23%). More demographic and psychographic information on this audience of switchers can be found here. When it comes to digital experience, only some phone carriers are striking the right chord, with a third of Americans satisfied with their network's digital offer (31%).

While businesses may be aware of what consumers see as the most important factors when choosing a cell phone, our data reveals a list of factors they are least likely to consider. Among Americans, nearly a quarter say product packaging plays the least important role when purchasing a cell phone (24%). A fifth are least likely to consider the handset’s environmental impact while more than one in 10 say price is least important (16%).

About two in five Americans use their phones at least once a day to browse social media (39%) so are they likely to notice phone endorsements by social media influencers? While 42% globally are likely to notice them, American consumers are least likely to do so with 69% saying they are ‘not at all influenced’. 79% of consumers don’t want to see ads on their lock screen, but get you know who’s interested in watching them this detailed piece here.

2022 was a crucial year for the acceleration of 5G in many markets. 38% of Americans already have 5G capabilities with their cell phone while 46% have a compatible data plan. But more than a quarter still do not intend to upgrade their phone to access 5G in in the upcoming year (27%).

This is just a brief of what we’ve covered in 2022. Stay tuned for more 5G updates, consumers purchasing habits, and phone carrier insights.

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