How Windflower Florist understood the potted plants market with YouGov Surveys
October 1st, 2021, Frances Johnson

How Windflower Florist understood the potted plants market with YouGov Surveys

Windflower Florist Announces New Brand Story and Product Offerings,  Business News - AsiaOne


Understand the consumer landscape of houseplant ownership in Singapore and the market’s propensity to purchase.


Nationally representative Omnibus survey using YouGov Surveys: Serviced to understand the demographics and purchase intent of houseplant owners.


Windflower Florist gained a better understanding of their target market, assisting them with future product lines.


Buiness challenge

Windflower Florist were launching a new product line in Singapore and they needed information on the market’s propensity to purchase to aid in marketing campaigns for current and future releases of both plants and add-ons.

Before Windflower Florist approached YouGov, they were using social media tools to gather information on their target audience. However, it did not help them answer questions such as potential buyer demographics and their considerations. To increase their overall turnover, they needed to get answers to these questions so that they could better strategize their marketing efforts and offer houseplants that were better received in the market.


Before working with Windflower Florist, the YouGov Surveys team gathered information for the client to check the suitability of the Omnibus solution. We identified it was a good fit due to the feasibility of the respondents within the nationally representative sample of N=1000. YouGov worked with Windflower Florist to decide on the following topics to be included in the survey:

  • The demographics of the current market for houseplants
  • The types of houseplants and add-ons that were popular
  • The market’s likelihood to purchase houseplants and add-ons
  • Considerations when purchasing houseplants

YouGov provided research expertise to ensure the questions asked met research objectives, while ensuring there were no issues such as bias within the questionnaire.



Once the questionnaire was finalized and agreed by both parties, the fieldwork was conducted in 24 hours, and results were ready within 72 hours. The results helped identify:

  • The market demographic of people who owned houseplants
  • What types of house plants and add-ons were popular
  • The preferred purchase channels among the target audience
  • Any concerns associated with a potential purchase

The findings from the Omnibus survey allowed Windflower Florist to better understand their target audience and tailor their marketing and product strategy appropriately.

Client testimonial

“The YouGov team was very helpful and assisted us with our objectives for the survey. They checked in with us regularly and had great recommendations to make sure the survey was unbiased and fulfilled our objectives. The team was efficient, launching our survey within a week or so. The results were presented easily and clearly through their platform, via various charts. The team also provided analysis on the results.”

- Stanley Tan, Director

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