A fifth of Brits enjoy watching ads in the cinema
September 15th, 2020, YouGov

A fifth of Brits enjoy watching ads in the cinema

About one in five people (22%) see commercials as a positive addition when going to the cinema – but the majority of Britons (68%) disagree

Nearly half of people who enjoy cinema ads (47%) are millennials, compared with 30% of the wider population.

Compared with the average person, they’re more likely to be interested in films (68% vs 54%), celebrities (41% vs 30%) and sex and relationships (41% vs 30%). And they generally take more notice of ads than other people.


Unsurprisingly, nearly all people who like watching general cinema ads also enjoy film trailers in the same setting (94% vs 53% of the wider population).

They are also more inclined to agree that posters and billboards are a good way find out about new films (75% vs 55%) and help them discover new products and services in general (65% vs 45%).

Brits who enjoy cinema ads expect adverts to be entertaining (69% vs 49%) and more commonly enjoy watching them on TV (39% vs 18%). They also take more notice of print ads (50% vs 30%) and promotions at events (39% vs 18%) than other people.

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