Euro 2024: Who’s taking it home? Not England, say middle-aged Brits
May 31st, 2024, Rishad Dsouza

Euro 2024: Who’s taking it home? Not England, say middle-aged Brits

Overwhelming majority of Britons following the Euro 2024 will support either of England (77%) or Scotland (10%) when the tournament gets underway in Germany on June 14. Among those aged over 55, 94% of people say they will support either of those teams. While this cumulative share drops significantly among the youngest cohort, it is still substantial at 80%. But support for the teams doesn’t necessarily translate into optimism.

In fact, among Britons who will follow the event somewhat or very closely, only a quarter think England will bring it home (26%). A similar share feel that France, the 2022 World Cup runner-ups, will take the cup home. Germany (13%) and Spain (10%) are the two other contenders who get the votes of at least a tenth of consumers. About one in seven of these close followers say they don’t know (16%). As for Scotland, only 1% feel they will go the distance.

But optimism for England is much higher among the younger crowd, with 36% of them saying the Three Lions will claim glory, and expectation for a French win drops to 20% among this group. But middle-aged Britons flip the script, with just under a third of them saying France will raise the trophy (31%) compared to just over a fifth who say England (21%).

Within the oldest segment, scores are bit more even (England 23%, France 25%). This cohort is significantly more likely to think Germany (17%) is going all the way.

Across age groups, very few see defending championships Italy retaining the title. About a tenth of all close Euro followers expect Spain to win, with those aged 35-54 being the most likely to see them claiming the crown (13%).

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