Canada Finance Advertisers of Q1 - Desjardins, PC Financial and HSBC
July 14th, 2022, Kineree Shah

Canada Finance Advertisers of Q1 - Desjardins, PC Financial and HSBC

Desjardins, PC Financial and HSBC are the top three Finance Advertisers of Quarter 1 (April – June 2022) in Canada. According to YouGov BrandIndex data, which tracks brand perception on a daily basis, these three brands saw the highest increase in Ad Awareness- a measure of whether the public have seen an advertisement for a brand in the past two weeks.

Desjardins saw a growth of 5.6 percentage points from 14.3% on April 8 to 19.9% on May 15. Its top spot could be associated with its surplus earnings recorded before member dividends in the first quarter. The company added new fossil fuel-free responsible investment funds to its SocieTerra line making it a leader in responsible investment (RI).

PC Financial ranked second in our list of top improving brands in terms of Ad Awareness in the finance sector. It witnessed a rise of 5.6 percentage points from 10.6% on April 5 to 16.2% on June 28. It's been a busy quarter for the company with the announcement of a Points Tour and release of an Insiders Report featuring new products.

On number three we have HSBC whose Ad Awareness metrics grew by 3 percentage points from 1.4% on April 3 to 4.4% on June 18. HSBC is the principal partner of the World Rugby Sevens Challenger Series. Promotions have begun for the event taking place on 12-14 August in Chile.


YouGov BrandIndex collects data on thousands of brands every day. A brand’s Ad Awareness score is based on the question: “Which of the following consumer brands have you seen an advertisement for in the past two weeks?” Data is from surveys of adults aged 18 years from April 1 and June 30. Ad Awareness scores are based on a four-week moving average. The change in scores for each brand is calculated by taking the difference between the highest and lowest scoring days within the period. Learn more about BrandIndex.

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