How Cheerz achieved a 12pt increase in brand awareness with YouGov
July 9th, 2024, Maria Jose Contreras

How Cheerz achieved a 12pt increase in brand awareness with YouGov


Cheerz wanted to track key performance indicators (KPIs) against competitors and identify gaps.


Leveraging YouGov’s flagship brand tracking solution combined with ad-hoc surveys.

Business outcome

Cheerz recorded a 12-point awareness increase among its core audience by successfully tracking KPIs.

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Business challenge

Cheerz, a leading company in the photo printing industry, operates in a highly competitive market. To maintain its edge, Cheerz needed to monitor key performance indicators (KPIs) to track its market positioning against competitors and evaluate the real-time impact of its communications and product offers.

Additionally, Cheerz needed to identify its strengths and weaknesses from a brand image perspective compared to competitors to assess how its marketing and media actions influence customer and prospect opinions of the brand.


Using YouGov’s flagship brand tracking tool, YouGov BrandIndex, Cheers could access real-time data on 16 key marketing funnel indicators. This enabled Cheerz to monitor its brand health against competitors and evaluate the impact of its marketing and media activations by day, week, and region when necessary. The tool also allows Cheerz to monitor performance among specific target audiences. Cheerz benefits from daily data not only for its own brand, but also for the entire online services sector, with more than 27,000 brands tracked daily within the platform.

In addition to daily tracking, YouGov provides Cheerz with customized brand image data with ad hoc surveys conducted via YouGov Surveys. These custom studies offer precise insights tailored to Cheerz’s needs. For example, Cheerz could monitor and achieve specific KPIs, such as a strong Brand Love score. Furthermore, Cheerz aimed to understand how well its audience associates the brand with its slogan. YouGov Surveys made this possible, allowing Cheerz to measure and track the association and its evolution over time.

The combination of daily brand tracking and ad hoc surveys means Cheerz can monitor brand awareness and optimize marketing and media performance effectively.

Business outcomes

Cheerz identified its strengths and weaknesses relative to competitors and highlighted key market trends throughout the year. The tracker allows Cheerz to monitor the daily impact of its advertising campaigns, identifying optimal periods, communication channels, and messages for its target audiences and fine-tuning its marketing activities accordingly.

This continuous adjustment of brand strategy has led to significant improvements in consideration and awareness for the brand. Since partnering with YouGov in 2020, Cheerz has seen a 12-point increase in awareness among its core audience.

By leveraging YouGov’s connected solutions, Cheerz gains crucial insights to attract more customers and effectively plan future marketing strategies.

Client testimonial

“Thanks to robust tools and support provided by specialists, YouGov finally allows us to appreciate our brand investments. The combination of BrandIndex and ad-hoc surveys helps us understand the impact of our campaigns in real time as well as measure their long-term effects. Today, it is an essential tool for the development of the Cheerz brand and the achievement of our objective: to be a love brand on the online photo printing market.”

- Damien Monier, Head of Growth at Cheerz