Cracking the code of how India invests
August 4th, 2023, Shivanshi Shah

Cracking the code of how India invests

In this ever-changing financial terrain, unlocking the secrets to the investment habits of India’s trailblazing Millennials and Gen Zs is nothing short of imperative. Brands seeking success must understand their preferences and risk appetites. YouGov's latest report, "Cracking the code of how India invests," delves deep into the distinct financial choices of these vibrant cohorts.

55% of Millennials and Gen Z prefer a balanced approach to investing, considering both risks and potential returns. Our study highlights the unique behaviour of both groups. Millennials prioritize children's education and life milestones, while Gen Z seeks wealth accumulation and business ventures as long-term investment goals.

Download the report now and gain invaluable insights into the investment habits of Millennials and Gen Z, including:

  • Investment approach they favour
  • Preferred investment instruments
  • Stock investment behaviour
  • Most favoured mutual funds
  • Trusted sources of financial information
  • Long and short-term investment goals
  • Key influencers guiding their decisions

Get your hands on this report and unlock the full potential of these young investors today!