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Unmissable advertising. Guaranteed engagement.

Stop wasteful ad spend, fraud and ad blindness with FreeWall®’s 100% attention grabbing ad units that guarantee viewability.

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100% ad viewability, 100% attention.

Sitting in premium publisher content, FreeWall®’s attention-guaranteed ads maximize your budget and keep your audience engaged to drive active interaction with your brand. FreeWall® advertising is priced on cost per engagement, so you only pay for verified ad interactions.

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Cost per engagement

All FreeWall® ads guarantee: 100% attention, viewability and engagement. Our cost per engagement model means you only pay when we hit all three of those metrics.

The interactive nature of FreeWall® ads mean consumers will interact with your content to give you audience insights and enhance brand recall.

Designed for maximum attention, FreeWall® ads are protected from bots, fraud and adblockers.

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Use the power of a question to drive brand messaging

Quiz your customers about the ad they’ve just seen by posting a question they must answer correctly to unlock the content behind the FreeWall®.

Ensure brand recall, land your key messages and educate consumers about your brand, product or service’s USP.

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Understand your audience and personalize your ads

Personalize your consumers’ ad journey with our opinion version of FreeWall® to help you understand consumer preferences.

The interactive FreeWall® experience can capture your consumers’ preferences and immediately serve them relevant advertising from within the same ad unit.

Success stories

Why YouGov?

You’re in good company. Join the top brands that use YouGov FreeWall.

“This is the best performing awareness campaign we have run for Match Bingo. As a charity, we work with incredibly tight budgets and every investment counts. Using YouGov FreeWall® and gaining 100% attention with proven human engagement means our budget has really been maximized – we haven’t seen an 8% CTR in a long time!

We will be using YouGov FreeWall® again”

-Nikki Hopwood, Lottery and Gaming Lead

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