Custom insights & strategy

Work with our advanced division of audience strategists and data scientists

We leverage social listening, zero-party data, and a holistic approach - from macro trends to micro-narratives - to tailor reporting and audience strategies across industries.

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Custom research & reporting

Seamlessly integrated, actionable, audience insights

Our expert analysts and data scientists collaborate with you to design a research roadmap tailored to your objectives. From comprehensive market reports to focused analyses and ongoing performance monitoring, we provide insights that empower you to build winning audience strategies.


Data-driven recommendations based on in-depth market and audience analysis

We simplify the complexities of data to deliver clear, innovative solutions. From the initial concept to post-launch, our team supports you in translating insights into effective strategies. Leveraging our ecosystem metrics and deep audience understanding, we help unveil unconventional solutions that drive success.

Fandom profiling

Our suite of behavioral products gives you an in-depth understanding of what drives your audience's engagement and desires.

Identify emerging trends

Stay ahead by predicting audience preferences and content trends before your competitors.

Future-proof your content strategy

Create content that aligns with the evolving tastes and demographics of your audience, ensuring long-term relevance and appeal.

Refine existing TV shows & content

Gather insights into which storylines, characters, themes, and marketing strategies are resonating most with your audience.

Drive higher viewership

Optimize your distribution strategies and content delivery based on audience behavior and viewing habits.

Bespoke audience-informed solutions

Benefit from our team’s extensive cross-industry experience as they utilize data and insights to develop innovative solutions applicable across all sectors.

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