Talent & public figures

Audience insights for talent & public figures

Discover key audience drivers for your film and TV projects and receive detailed feedback on public figures and political candidates. Gain actionable insights to make informed decisions.

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The connectivity factor

Utilize online search & social behavioral data to understand the social media landscape around any talent or public figure.

Discover which TV shows, brands, and topics their audiences engage with the most, leading to more effective content and messaging, increased reach, and enhanced collaboration opportunities.

Talent for film & TV

Leverage our popularity metrics and Audience Affinities to select the most relevant talent for your project.

SVOD & brand partnerships

Identify which talent partnerships are the most impactful. We provide comprehensive metrics throughout the process—from selecting relevant talent to measuring the ROI of ongoing partnerships.

PR & reputation management

Track sentiment over time and analyze in-depth conversations to pinpoint audience engagement drivers, address negative sentiments swiftly, and mitigate potential reputation damage.

Personal brand development

Understand what resonates with your audience to uncover new branding and product opportunities. Identify which content sparks the most conversation or generates positive sentiment and enhance fanbase engagement.

Understand public perception

Combine sentiment analysis, popularity metrics, and custom event markers to gain a detailed view of public perception over time for relevant talent and public figures.

In-depth fandom analysis

Our natural language processing models are trained to analyze talent & public figures, making it easy to identify relevant topics and any shifts in drivers of appeal over time.

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