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Granular customer understanding across industries and brands

YouGov’s online search & social behavioral data empowers brands to cut through the noise and glean actionable insights into public opinion, audience behaviors, and the digital landscape, informing data-driven strategies to stay ahead of competitors.

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Benchmarking has never been easier

With brands tracked across more than 50 verticals, our platform provides instant access to a comprehensive view of your competitive landscape.

Our metrics go beyond the surface of social buzz, giving you deep insight into audience engagement, brand sentiment, and content performance – not just for your brand but also for competitors and industry leaders - empowering you to understand your industry’s ecosystem and make data-driven decisions to outperform the competition.

Brand reputation & crisis management

Monitor your brand’s performance and quickly identify negative sentiment and audience engagement drivers to minimize any reputation damage.

Industry insights

Spot emerging trends and disruptions within your industry, ensuring your strategies remain proactive and informed.

Customer experience

Understand the full customer journey. Pinpoint what drives appeal and engagement, highlight the strengths that keep customers happy and detect the friction points causing frustration.

Product development

Analyze social conversations to identify customer preferences and desires, ensuring that you’re creating solutions that resonate with their expectations.

Targeted marketing & partnerships

Enhance your audience targeting precision by analyzing our detailed demographic & affinities data. Gain a deep understanding of who your audience is and what engages them.

Campaign performance measurement

Measure the effectiveness of your marketing campaigns by tracking social media sentiment and popularity metrics and identify opportunities for refinement.

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