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In-depth audience, performance and trend monitoring for Film & TV

Leverage 50+ digital sources across 42 territories to explore global public opinion and track the performance of film & TV titles.

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In-depth performance analysis over time

Track how your content performs longitudinally. Monitor audience reactions through social sentiment, online searches, Wikipedia page traffic, and even torrent downloads for a comprehensive understanding of digital engagement.

Integrate news and social media discussions with performance data to identify marketing campaigns and strategies that resonate with audiences. Sync movies and TV shows by release dates to evaluate pre and post-release performance or to compare different seasons of a show.

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Granular audience profiling

We break down online audience demographics and use advanced, industry-specific NLP models to analyze conversations and uncover topics that drive engagement.

Our Affinities feature also identifies other interests of your audience, including brands, talent, movies, and TV shows they love.

Combine with YouGov viewership and streaming data

Enhance your audience profiles by combining media consumption insights with online search & social behavioral data. Our viewership data allows you to understand audiences that may not be vocal online, helping you differentiate between what drives social buzz drivers and what drives actual viewership.

Film & TV demand

Gain in-depth insights into pre-release buzz, post-release performance, and audience trends using popularity and sentiment metrics, including our proprietary Appetite Score.

Content production & strategy

Determine which titles resonate with key audiences, and identify which genres, stories, talent, and underserved audiences to invest in.

Micro insights

Leverage our entertainment-specific natural language processing (NLP) models for detailed analysis of themes, production elements, and characters, providing in-depth insights for writer's rooms.

Release & distribution

Identify the most effective distribution platforms and release strategies to maximize demand and explore seasonal release trends to optimize release timings.

Global marketing

Combine popularity metrics and social insights to pinpoint effective marketing tactics across territories and understand your talent’s global appeal with our Global Talent Popularity Ranker.

IP & topic demand

Keep track of popular and emerging IPs and social topics to proactively adapt to changing audience content preferences.

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