Politics, healthcare & societal trends

Explore beyond the headlines with in-depth analysis of online interest and perceptions in politics, healthcare, and societal trends, uncovering the underlying currents shaping public opinion.

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Monitor sentiment & awareness surrounding political candidates, campaigns, and policies

Identify emerging issues: Stay ahead of the curve by understanding trending topics and publi concerns before they become major talking points.

Track campaign performance: Monitor mentions, sentiment, and key discovery metrics to gauge campaign effectiveness and identify areas for improvement.

Key audience segments: Leverage our granular audience metrics to gain in-depth behavioral insights and understanding of issues that matter the most to key audience groups.

Competitive benchmarking: Assess where your candidate stands relative to competitors, understand their successful strategies, and identify gaps in audience engagement.

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Audience insights to improve patient care and public health initiatives

Nuanced audience understanding: Analyze online conversations to track behavioral trends and challenges faced by individuals discussing specific health conditions online.

Uncover hidden concerns: Reveal underlying patient anxieties, perceptions about treatments, and online behaviors around health conditions.

Analyze buzz and perception: Investigate public interest and sentiment related to health conditions to optimize patient outreach, inform brand strategies, and guide treatment development.

Public health messaging: Craft public health communications that effectively resonate with key demographics using our advanced sentiment and topic analysis tools.

Societal trends

Societal trends: Predict and analyze shifts in the social and cultural landscapes

Policy & advocacy: Track sentiment on key issues like diversity and sustainability and explore emerging topics within marginalized communities.

Behavioral & market insights: Gain insights into evolving public interests and consumer spending behaviors. Predict future trends with targeted analysis.

Social movements & consumer behavior: Monitor discussions on social issues to identify influential voices and track changing consumer preferences linked to sustainability and lifestyle shifts.

Market shifts: Stay ahead of industry disruptions and innovations by monitoring market engagement and discussions.

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