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Powerful market intelligence, combining brand, audience, and sector-specific data for financial services providers.

YouGov Financial Services CategoryView offers in-depth insights into market trends and changing consumer behavior to drive brand growth.

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A complete view of the market

Utilize market context and a holistic view of brand performance to understand sector trends, shifts, and patterns and how they affect your brand across four key modules:

Consumer banking: Navigate the dynamic landscape of consumer banking trends, from data sharing to technology preferences.

Credit cards & payments: Uncover valuable insights into credit card preference and uptake of deferred payment services, such as Buy Now Pay Later (BNPL).

Insurance: Dive into the features that matter most to consumers across different insurance types and identify the drivers behind switching providers.​

Investment: Understand the barriers preventing potential investors from entering the market and craft personalized solutions based on risk tolerance and beliefs.

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Elevate your marketing strategy

Understand your brand and monitor growth, get to know your consumers on a deeper level, and track industry trends to stay ahead of competition.

Comprehensive brand analysis: Connect sector-specific insights with media & communication, purchase funnel, and brand perception metrics to effectively measure your brand’s equity against competitors.

Understand your consumers: Understand the considerations, drivers, and barriers influencing consumer choices for more informed strategic planning.

Identify emerging trends: Spot trends to stay ahead of the competition and be ready for what’s coming next.


Enhance your market intelligence

Build your brand

Use our sector-specific insights to pinpoint potential customers and refine your marketing strategies.

Competitive edge

Stay ahead of your competitors with a comprehensive view of your sector, enhancing your brand’s market positioning.

Interactive dashboard

Our user-friendly dashboard facilitates easy cross-tabulation and filtering by key metrics and demographics.

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