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Ensure sponsorship success

Measure sponsor value in all of its forms. Go beyond traditional media measurement - our consumer insight tools can also tell you if awareness and affinity generated by a sponsorship is translating to key brand drivers that lead to new business.

Drive partner value by making brand exposure clear and credible, with our proprietary image recognition software. Track the source, duration and quality of each and every brand exposure across TV, press and social. Convert exposure into value with our Brand Impact Score, assessing each brand exposure on five critical metrics: frequency, duration, size, location and degree of clutter.

Don't guess. Let our experts track your:

  • TV exposure
  • Press coverage
  • Digital content
  • Partner awareness
  • Brand perception impact
  • Consideration uplift
  • Asset & partnership valuation
  • Brand fit analysis
  • Bespoke objectives
  • Economic impact

TV coverage insights

Measure TV coverage and viewership from every angle, with granular analysis of every market, every platform, every channel. Full-scale comprehensive analysis of your broadcast – macro to micro - in our secure online interactive platform.

Schedule monitor: Automated broadcast audit software analysing how (and if) distribution translates to actual coverage, providing the most accurate compilation of how, where and when your matches/events are actually broadcast. Say goodbye to dodgy distribution reports - we'll help you get it right.

TV ratings: True broadcast analysis with all official global viewership ratings across 100% of rated markets. Non-rated markets? We've got robust estimation models for data-backed decisions.

Comprehensive metrics: Break down your viewership by any and all meaningful metrics - day, location, channel and programme type, from viewing minutes to whistle-to-whistle analysis, peak / average to broadcast type.

Digital media tracking

Keep up with today's fastest moving marketing channel, tracking conversation and content across all platforms and formats, to understand the true value of digital media.

Get intelligence you can leverage commercially. Ditch narrow insights into digital data for our wide range of exposure and value measurements using transparent and consistent industry standard methodologies.

Social media: easily assess the impact of your events and campaigns. Track your reach, exposure, and engagement and calculate the value of it all, with our clear and simple view of the metrics that matter.

Online press: measure news where sports fans read it most. Analyse exposure and value by geography, time, publisher, topic and brand.

OTT / streaming: accurately report on engaged viewers. Tracking data across owned streaming channels and independent rightsholders, surveying on sports media consumption in 40+ markets and benchmarking rated markets, programmes and demographic make-up, our expert modelling is leading the way for accurate and credible OTT viewer estimation models.

Tracking accurate viewership means we can apply the same next-level brand exposure analysis and valuation methodologies as linear TV.

Streamed = Engaged = Value


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