GB/US: Travelling for medical services
May 29th, 2022, Christien Pheby

GB/US: Travelling for medical services

Medical tourism has occasionally been associated with people from less well-off countries travelling to more well-off countries to access better healthcare services – but data from YouGov Profiles Great Britain and US shows that a proportion of the public in both countries would nevertheless travel abroad to access vital services.

In Britain, for example, a fifth (18%) of the public say they would seek cancer treatment elsewhere, and 17% say the same of dentistry. This suggests that a minority of the population believe that the NHS may not provide the level of service they wish. A smaller percentage would go abroad for eye surgery (12%), heart surgery (12%), or an organ transplant (11%).

But in the US, which doesn’t have a national health service, it’s a similar story. Again, a fifth would go abroad for cancer treatment (18%), and again, dentistry is the second most popular option (14%). Organ transplantation and eye surgery come in joint-third (13%), while heart surgery isn’t far behind (12%).

In both nations, fewer than two in five (38% GB; 34% US) say they wouldn’t travel abroad for any kind of medical service – which could suggest that, in both systems, there may be some gaps that the general public would like to see filled on the home front.


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