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Same quality, new name

We have changed our name but continue to deliver excellent services to the Swiss market. Find out more about YouGov Switzerland on this page.

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YouGov Switzerland in 10 points

  • Swiss market leader for market and social research
  • Highest quality panel in Switzerland with 115,000 members
  • Reach Gen Pop and granular audiences, no matter how niche
  • Choose from a range of quantitative and qualitative methods
  • Customised research solutions for every project need
  • Largest data source in Switzerland for target group analyses and selection through innovative products such as Swiss Brand Observer, YouGov BrandIndex or YouGov Profiles
  • Specialised offerings in advanced analytics and agile solutions
  • Swiss expertise in all sectors thanks to our experienced researchers
  • On-demand access to an ever-growing source of consumer insights powered by YouGov's 26 million panel members worldwide.
  • Constant innovation: we think in terms of opportunities and new approaches
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Frequently asked questions

You have questions, we have the answers: Find out more about our new appearance as YouGov Switzerland and what this means for you as a (potential) customer.

Part-time job in Lucerne/Lausanne: Become a telephone interviewer

  • Are you looking for an exciting part-time job that gives you an insight into the opinions of the Swiss population?
  • Are you enthusiastic about the exciting dialogue with people on the phone and see every conversation as an exciting challenge?
  • Do you speak Swiss German or French fluently?

We are looking for motivated and communicative personalities aged 17 and over to join our team in Lucerne or Lausanne. Discover the world of surveys with us and make your voice your strength! You can find everything about the job linked below.

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Research solutions

Market-leading research solutions, customised to your project. We provide you with fast, uncomplicated and well thought-out data that you can trust: Mixed-Mode-Surveys; CATI-Surveys; Media research; Mystery Research & Neuromarketing research

Brands and campaigns

Find out what your audience think about your brand and campaigns and make smarter and more effective business decisions: Swiss Brand Observer; YouGov BrandIndex.

Optimise campaigns

Take your advertising to the next level. Get to know your target audience and use innovative solutions to ensure your adverts are seen by the right people: Audience Data

Audience Intelligence

How does your audience think and live? Find out with YouGov Profiles, our market-leading audience intelligence platform - powered by a panel of 26 million+ real consumers, in over 49 markets worldwide.

Products and services

Our market-leading products provide you with answers to the questions that matter most to you - regardless of the industry or target group.

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