Swiss panels and customer panel management

A representative Swiss panel, a luxury consumer panel or your very own panel

The Swiss YouGov Panel with 115,000 panellists is the highest quality panel in Switzerland: fast, cost-efficient and reliable. We also offer you the largest (U)HNWI and luxury consumer panel in Switzerland, and for ongoing projects we also recruit and maintain your own panels.

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YouGov Panel Switzerland

Fast and yet reliable – the Swiss YouGov Panel provides a representative picture of the Swiss population (Swiss and language-assimilated online users). With the help of comprehensive profile information on our panellists, we can accurately select and interview people from the target group tailored to your questions. Thanks to the targeted and systematic online survey in our panel, you receive reliable results for your questions within a few days.

The Swiss panel is unique

  • With 115,000 panellists, it is the highest quality panel in Switzerland.
  • All panel members are actively recruited and personally verified.
  • No fake profiles or chatbots, no bias through self-selection, no duplicates.
  • The only online panel in the country that offers maximum reliability in terms of representativeness, validity and authenticity of the respondents by consistently linking quality criteria.
  • It is the only panel that shows a complete cross-section of the entire Swiss population and can therefore be used for any conceivable question.
  • The panellists are thoroughly qualified during the recruitment process in order to receive an invitation to participate in surveys based on these qualified user profiles, depending on the research question.
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The largest (U)HNWI and luxury consumer panel in Switzerland

Thanks to the special recruitment approach of our panel, we have the largest (U)HNWI and luxury consumer panel in the country. Based on this panel, high-net-worth individuals can be invited to participate in your quantitative and qualitative studies, depending on their definition. The high level of loyalty in our panel also enables us to carry out longitudinal analyses for you in the high-net-worth and luxury segments to observe which investment and consumption decisions these people make over time and why, for example.

What the luxury consumer panel offers you

  • Quality: Active telephone recruitment and verification together with effective incentivisation ensure the authenticity of the asset data in the panel.
  • Range: The large number of HNWI and luxury consumers with CHF 1 million in assets enables extensive sampling in this segment.
  • Flexibility: Ad hoc and tracking studies can be implemented flexibly depending on the region, topic and target group.
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Your own panel for continuous or ad hoc projects

If you want to maintain an ongoing dialogue with your customers and non-customers, there are a few hurdles to overcome: Many companies have already developed their own customer panel via newsletters and marketing campaigns such as competitions or direct contacts, but they reach their limits when it comes to continuous maintenance, incentivisation, data protection, queries or implementation of exciting survey projects. However, if panellists have negative project experiences, they quickly become inactive and a replacement has to be recruited at great expense.

If panels are set up purely on the basis of customer addresses, they are always limited to your own customer base. This means, for example, that no insights can be gained as to whether new customers can be acquired by offering new products, additional services or through the use of advertising measures. We have the solution for you on the Swiss market.

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Continuity through professional panel management

Tailored to your needs, we recruit your customer panel for you, manage and administer it and take care of data protection and security. Your customer panel is therefore a valuable long-term tool for maintaining a continuous dialogue with your customers. Depending on your requirements, we can implement continuous and ad hoc studies on the panel for you. We use all standard methods for this, including online and mobile surveys, communities, chats, blogs and interviews.

We also offer the option of enriching your surveys in the customer panel with non-customers via our Swiss YouGov panel. This allows you to think outside the box and gain market-representative insights.

With your own online panel maintained by us, you have the opportunity to consistently take the voice of the customer into account in your decision-making processes.


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