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Understand the media usage of your target groups

In order to plan communication measures, it is important to understand exactly how the media influence public opinion. We research the media usage of your target groups in Switzerland on your behalf.

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Key figures for your media planning

In order to better understand the influence of the media on public opinion, it is essential to have precise information about media use in the population – who uses which media, and to what extent?

We are one of the implementing institutes of Media Analysis Switzerland, also known simply as MACH. Among other things, our data provides the basis for calculating what is known in the industry as reach, which provides information about the readership of newspapers and magazines in Switzerland and Liechtenstein. For both publishing houses and the advertising industry, reach is the key parameter for media planning.

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Representativeness as the top priority

We can record media use with various methods. In addition to actual measurement over a certain period of time, for example via cookie tracking, it is also possible to survey people about their media usage behaviour. The entire spectrum of methods is available for the survey – by phone, online and/or in person, etc.

Regardless of whether it is a measurement or a survey – the selection of respondents must meet the highest standards of representativeness in order to make reliable statements. Therefore, in addition to the random selection of telephone numbers, including mobile phone numbers and households without a registered landline, it is possible to access our online panel – the largest and most representative in Switzerland.

It all depends on the right sample

  • Independent of media companies and agencies
  • Integration of survey data with measurement data, e.g. via cookie tracking
  • Largest and most representative panel in Switzerland
  • High flexibility in study design thanks to in-house IT development
  • Maximum data security with servers in Switzerland
  • Specialists with knowledge of regional characteristics
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