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Our market-leading experts are on-hand to find the right insights for your needs, through our Consumer Panel Services GfK data and customizable solutions.

CPS GfK has 60+ years of knowledge, with panels across 18 European countries, covering 130,000+ households. Deep insights into individual shopper behavior.

Discover what people buy, why they buy it, what leads them to make a purchase and what marketing influences their decisions. CPS GfK answers where, when, and how much people buy; and identifies the audiences driving a product's growth, with SKU-level data.


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Assess target groups

Built for both manufacturers and retailers, CPS GfK helps you understand trends, identify and activate core target groups, improve your brand and performance, and identify growth opportunities.

Improve category management

Diagnose your category: its importance to retailers, who buys it, and how they decide, to - optimize your assortment and manage your shelf more effectively.

Optimize pricing

Drive sales and plan winning promotions by understanding the impact your pricing has on shoppers' willingness to buy, elasticities, which promotional messaging is most effective and to whom, and more.

Monitor shopper insights

SimIT (Shopper Insights Monitor) enables quick access to analyses of consumer shopping behavior in a user-friendly tool.

Perfect path-to-purchase

Understand and improve the entire customer journey - pre-purchase (who buys, where, and why), in-store and at the point of sale, and what happens post-purchase.

Innovate & launch successfully

Spot opportunities for new products and packaging, know who will buy them, and develop winning launch strategies and campaigns.

Client success stories

Why Consumer Panel Services GfK?

"There’s no question that the pandemic cemented the importance of online retail. It has long been a key priority for Unilever, and as it evolves, we want to make sure we are at the vanguard of driving the landscape forward."

Tamara Vieveen, Shopping and Commerce Insights Manager, Unilever Benelux


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