Find out how satisfied your tenants are.

Your full-service tool for effective determination of tenant satisfaction, allowing you to respond promptly to your tenants' needs and initiate lasting improvements.

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We have been conducting tenant surveys among residential and commercial tenants for insurance companies, pension funds, banks and asset management companies since 2019. Our Tenant Centricity Management (TenantCM) helps you determine the satisfaction of your tenants and quickly respond to any issues they may have.

Our solution enables you to

  • ensure and guarantee a high level of tenant satisfaction
  • recognise changing tenant needs in order to act promptly
  • find out how you compare with other owners
  • directly derive and track improvement measures.

TenantCM also supports you with ESG certifications (e.g. GRESB).

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Full-service project

We work with more than 15 project partners and provide you with over 58,000 interviews for your benchmarking.

  • Everything from A to Z from a single source minimises the workload on your side.
  • High response rate and quality thanks to experience, standardised processes and neutrality
  • The project process can be customised to suit individual customer requirements (e.g. contact methods, questionnaires)
  • Continuous development and scientific networking
  • Survey of international portfolios
  • Interactive online dashboard with access to all survey data

Get important insights quickly via the online dashboard


Access to all survey data including filtering, wave comparisons and data export


Separate access and views for asset management and property management


Clear design and tooltips help with navigation and interpretation of the data


Check portfolio performance compared to other owners

Property overview

Central KPIs such as satisfaction with tenancy, rental property, management, NPS, etc.

Response management

View tenant feedback, derive and track measures

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