Employee Feedback Management

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Your employees are a key success factor, which means that measuring and optimising employee satisfaction is of crucial importance. We provide you with long-term support in employee feedback management with innovative methods and products.

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Your employees as a driver of success

Employee satisfaction is a decisive factor for the success of your company. Scientific studies prove it: Committed employees who identify with their company’s goals are more likely to act in its interests. They are more productive, more dedicated and more likely to look beyond their immediate area of work.

Employee engagement therefore not only improves personal performance, but also the company’s overall performance. Consequently, a professional analysis of employee satisfaction is an essential management tool for you and your company.

Employee Feedback Management

In addition to employee surveys conducted by independent institutes, causal analysis plays a decisive role in identifying the implicit drivers of employee satisfaction. Qualitative one-on-one interviews and group discussions, facilitated by experienced experts, allow hidden drivers to be explored and guarantee anonymity of the answers at the same time.

Modern driver analyses based on standardised questionnaires are used for quantitative surveys. These offer a significantly better explanatory quality than conventional methods, as they take indirect and non-linear correlations into account and thus reveal the real motivational factors of employees more precisely.

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Innovative approaches for your employee research

We use traditional and innovative approaches to maximise the benefits of your studies. Increasing the response rates is particularly important. In addition to conventional motivational approaches such as internal announcements, target explanations and short questionnaires, we offer a wide range of measures to increase participation rates. This includes individualisation of questions, integration of game-like elements (gamification) and the use of quick polls.

We use online dashboard solutions to effectively distribute results within your organisation. Our user management module maps the organisational structure, enables different data views and thus increases the credibility, transparency and relevance of the study. This encourages survey participation and enables managers to take immediate action during the survey.

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Using KPIs to achieve higher employee satisfaction

Our specialists implement employee satisfaction analyses regardless of scope, method, language or region – we support you, starting with an idea up to the implementation of results. The recording of KPIs such as employee satisfaction, engagement scores and turnover risk forms the starting point. These three main objectives are pursued:

  • Measurement of current employee satisfaction via KPIs such as the eNPS (Employee Net Promoter Score)
  • Determination of changes through repeat studies
  • Discovering the drivers through causal analyses

The key to success lies in deriving and implementing targeted measures in dialogue with the workforce. Our analyses show which factors influence satisfaction and how relevant social recognition or identification with company goals, for example, are for certain areas; on this basis, we identify key levers for increasing employee engagement.

Fast and efficient: pulse surveys

In contrast to large-scale, systematic and generally extensive employee surveys of the entire workforce, pulse surveys are short ad-hoc surveys about a specific, current topic. They allow you to obtain internal feedback quickly and efficiently and are implemented via an online survey for some of your employees.

Employee communities also open up new possibilities – your employees no longer give their feedback at a specific point in time, but over a longer period, such as during the implementation of a strategy or as part of a change process. This can be done quantitatively or qualitatively as required. Their feedback can then be used as the basis for an iterative optimisation and continuous development process.

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