Predictive Promoter Score

Use qualitative customer feedback to increase customer loyalty.

Understand your customers and what is most important to them.

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Utilise qualitative data on customer satisfaction more efficiently and effectively

Create a detailed picture of your customer feedback, using the YouGov Predictive Promoter Score: This only requires the NPS™ or another KPI survey and an open explanation of the rating given. On this basis, we use the PPS to determine the success drivers for customer satisfaction and loyalty in your company.

In a state-of-the-art and qualitatively convincing NLP solution, open customer feedback including sentiment analysis is coded – the subsequent driver analysis based on neural networks determines, among other things, the hidden drivers of customer satisfaction.

Clear presentation of all results in the dashboard

A prediction tool also makes it possible to simulate how customer ratings will develop in the future depending on changes in performance. This provides an ideal basis for understanding customers better and deriving the right measures.


Precise, reliable data

Minimum input – maximum output

Understand the true success drivers of customer satisfaction with just one target figure and the corresponding open rationale.

Automated coding and dashboard

Supervised learning coding for high quality – but faster and cheaper. Visualisation of all results in a clear dashboard.

Success driver analysis

Consideration of indirect and non-linear correlations for an up to 2x better explanation of customer loyalty.

Sentiment analysis

Additional explanation of customer loyalty through automatically recorded sentiment.

Predictive analytics

Simulated target value development based on changes in performance.


The PPS can be collected on the basis of existing or new data and for any touchpoints, regions and languages.

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