Behavioral: Banking & Transactions

Unlock the power of financial data

YouGov Behavioral: Banking & Transactions aggregates transactions from thousands of consumers in the UK and US, creating a rich, verified connected dataset so you can unlock understanding of consumer spending habits and developing market trends in real time.

Discover the depth of data behind every consumer transaction, online or in store: where the purchase was made; how much was paid; when was the purchase made and more.

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Rich, verified, connected data

Discover the insight behind every consumer transaction (online or in store): where and when was the purchase made and how much was paid. Understand trends and explore whole sectors, with aggregated data from more than 20,000 panelists, categorised by 4000+ brands.

Panel members safely and securely connect their bank accounts in exchange for compensation – YouGov Behavioral: Banking & Transactions receives two years of verified transaction data and the ability to track future transactions in real-time.

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Tailored to you

Solve your business needs with bespoke financial data solutions built for you. Our financial data tools include actionable consumer personas, market trends and brand profiles.

Access data via our platform or through access to APIs upon request.


Unparalleled levels of accuracy:

Know your customer

Explore financial profiles on your customers - understand their shopping habits across brands and industries

Understand the competition

Discover your competitors’ strengths and weaknesses, benchmarking yourself within your industry

Get ahead

Use financial insights to target high growth markets and segments, future-proofing your strategy

Solutions & Products

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