Dive deeper into your target audience

Re-target specific respondents to previous surveys, to uncover the “why” behind your target audience’s behaviors and attitudes.

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Measure awareness & perception

YouGov Re-Contact allows you to re-engage a particular group of respondents who gave a specific answer on a previous survey. Integrate your research with continual follow-up surveys from your tracking results, helping you to uncover deeper diagnostics on the “why” behind your target audience’s behaviors and attitudes. 

Our single-source, proprietary panel means you can connect to YouGov BrandIndex trackers and/or YouGov Profiles data as well as re-contacting respondents from any past survey.

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Unpack your funnel metrics

Re-contact respondents who have seen your advertising or heard buzz around your brand to understand on a greater level the specific messages, communications and ads they recall and their impact. Get in touch with respondents who had a specific reaction to a brand’s value or quality and understand why they perceive a brand this way.

Re-contact brand users, non-users and switchers to understand the drivers of their behavior and barriers to use for your product/brand.

Discover where your key loss points are, and understand what drives loyal brand users through to purchase.

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Replicate recommendation & satisfaction

Follow-up with respondents that had a specific satisfaction experience to understand what drove their level of satisfaction.

Re-contact recommenders and detractors for a better understanding of underlying experiences and beliefs, then use the insights to optimize your strategy.


Deeper dives into your target audience

Target past respondents

Access respondents from past surveys, thanks to our single-source data capabilities

Custom questions

Add bespoke questions designed by you or templated by YouGov researchers

Analyze easily

View your results in our powerful, user-friendly data visualization platform

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