How brand attributes and customer experience drive NPS™

Determine how likely your customers are to recommend your brand. YouGov Recommend+ is a highly cost-effective NPS™ diagnostics approach. Recommendation is a powerful thing. Understand what drives it by speaking directly to those customers who recommend your brand.

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Next-level brand measurement

The process is simple. Our daily brand tracking identifies your customers, we then Re-Contact them, asking the usual NPS™ questions and your custom additions. The result? The full picture on the reasons behind brand recommendation and consumer advocacy.

  • Measure brand health diagnostics and NPS™
  • Understand the emotional and values-based drivers behind your NPS™
  • Connect drivers to rich consumer personality data
  • Add your own customer experience measurement
  • Analyze your data in our powerful data visualization tool

Join the dots

Integrate your values-based research with YouGov BrandIndex to unlock brand health metrics on thousands of global brands.

Use YouGov Profiles to deep dive into the personalities, behaviors and needs of specific audiences, helping you to plan effective channel activations.

Understand how your brand performs, benchmark against your competitors and take meaningful action.


Depth and breadth of data

Quality insights

Be confident you have the full picture on what’s driving brand recommendation.

Living data

YouGov has been assessing consumer recommendation of brands for 20+ years in 40+ markets, delivering unrivalled insights.

Sampling methodology

Access a representative sample of customers, delivering engaged respondents.

Solutions & Products

Explore our connected living data solutions