Only one new release makes it into list of movies Brits were most interested in last year
February 1st, 2023, Clifton Mark

Only one new release makes it into list of movies Brits were most interested in last year

What were the biggest movies of 2022? YouGov eavesdropped on the internet to find out. And it turns out that most of the movies that people cared about in 2022 were released before the year even began.

The data comes from YouGov Signal, a social listening tool that tracks the performance of TV programs, movies and brands. Appetite Score is a value from 0-100 which measures the demand for a given movie by combining web searches and Wikipedia lookups. Here are the movies with the top Appetite Scores averaged over the course of 2022:

The list is topped by the Disney blockbuster Encanto, a film about a Colombian family living in a magic house. Its soundtrack, written by Lin-Manuel Miranda, featured the viral hit “We Don’t Talk About Bruno.” Superhero movies have a strong presence on the list, which includes Spider-Man: No Way Home, Morbius, and Thor: Love and Thunder. James Bond sequel No Time to Die is not technically a comic-book movie but can perhaps be considered adjacent to the genre. Critically-acclaimed The Power of the Dog came in 10th place. Jane Campion’s Western drama only had a limited theatrical release but was released worldwide on Netflix on December 1, 2021.

One interesting entry is James Cameron’s 1997 blockbuster Titanic. How has this 25-year-old film garnered the fourth-highest Appetite score in 2022? This simply means that even years out from its release, the web is abuzz with interest for the film. This often happens when movies are released on a streaming platform, enjoy a powerful meme-world afterlife or there is related news . Titanic was available on several streaming services in 2022, including being introduced to Disney +.

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Photo by Corina Rainer on Unsplash