Snap poll: Which iPhone 12 features are Americans most excited about?
October 13th, 2020, Graeme Bruce

Snap poll: Which iPhone 12 features are Americans most excited about?

Among the headline-grabbing features of the new iPhone 12, consumers are most excited about the new model’s 5G capability, which was announced at a media event today.

Apple’s product announcements are always surrounded by fanfare and a snap YouGov Direct poll conducted immediately after the event showed 44% had heard at a lot or a little bit about the event.

Of those Americans who had heard of the event and specifically the new features of the iPhone 12, 32% say the fifth-generation broadband technology is the most exciting feature of the new devices, followed by updated camera capabilities (18%), exterior color options (9%), and design (8%). This latest batch of iPhone models marks the first form-factor redesign of the device since 2017.

One in nine (11%) of those aware of the event said it made them more likely to purchase a new iPhone 12, while 10% said it made them less likely. Another 4% were say they were always going to buy the iPhone 12 and are unmoved in their decision, while 45% said they were never going to buy an iPhone 12 and still won’t.

Looking specifically at the 11% of Americans in the market for a new smartphone in the next three months, fully a quarter (24%) say the Apple event has made them more likely to buy the iPhone 12, with another 9% having already committed to doing so. For those buying in the next six months those figures stand at 15% and 6% respectively.

Among consumers who don’t currently use an Apple iPhone, 4% said the event made them more likely to buy an iPhone 12, which comes in several variations: Regular, mini, Pro and Pro Max.

Methodology: This article is based on a flash poll of 1,014 US adults surveyed via YouGov Direct on October 13, 2020 between 2:08 p.m. and 3:52 p.m. EST. Data were weighted on age, gender, education level, political affiliation and ethnicity to be nationally representative of adults in the United States. The margin of error is ±4.8%.

Image: Apple