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10 financial services personas critical for growth

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Financial services are set to change rapidly as Gen Z enters the workforce and begins to spend, invest and purchase property. Understanding shifts in financial behaviour, preferences and attitudes will be critical to charting a successful growth strategy.

Leveraging YouGov data, we’ve identified 10 key financial personas about whom FS leaders need a nuanced POV.

Suspicious bankers – 81% of adults in Britain regularly check credit card and bank statements for suspicious transactions

Crypto confused – 74% of Brits don’t understand cryptocurrencies

Legacy givers – 73% of Brits who say they would leave a legacy donation in their will

Local supporters – 69% of adults in GB make an effort to support British businesses

Insurance avoiders- 40% of adults in GB who say if they could get away with it, they’d have no insurance at all

Impulsive individuals – 39% of Brits say that they tend to make impulsive purchases

Finance frazzled – 37% of adults in GB say ‘financial matters confuse me’

Retirement laggards – 36% of adults in Britain say that they don’t have a pension

Cash connoisseurs – 35% of British adults like to use cash when making purchases

Risk takers – 24% of Brits say that they don’t mind taking risks with their money

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Strategy, insights and product leads can leverage YouGov Surveys to specifically target these consumer cohorts within YouGov’s highly engaged panel – whether it’s a quick response survey or deep-dive study.