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Market-leading research for data you can trust. According to Pew Research, YouGov consistently outperformed competitors on accuracy. We make it easy for you to generate the insights you need, fast. Send surveys globally in 55+ markets for a deeper understanding of consumers, brands, industries and more.

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Clare White, Head of Marketing Communications at Vauxhall

“The speed with which the project was delivered was unprecedented and ensured we could deliver to a very tight client timetable."

Fast surveys and polls

Build fast surveys and polls with expert support, or create your own and see live results in minutes using our rapid, easy-to-use self-service platform in the US and GB.

Gain a deep understanding of the consumer landscape with our researcher-supported Serviced surveys, via our range of nationally representative Omnibus surveys across 70+ markets globally.

For survey results that can be quoted and published in the media as YouGov Surveys, or questions about political issues or sensitive personal data, please also refer to our Serviced solution.

Secure fast, accurate responses from your target audience, the way you want.


Robust research, for every budget and timeline

As innovators and pioneers of online market research, we have a strong reputation as a trusted source of accurate data and insights. Testament to this, YouGov data is regularly referenced by the global press, and we are the most quoted market research source in the world.

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Discover real answers from real people in your ideal target audience, no matter how niche.

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Get results within 24 hours, with a 1-hour express option (UK, US) for even faster turnaround .

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Analyze results in our easy-to-use, powerful analysis tool, unlocking new insights.

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Verified, engaged and global. Our panel of 24 million+ registered members generate thousands of data points – every day – on consumer attitudes, opinions and behaviours.

All surveys are mobile-friendly, with more than 50% of all surveys taken on mobile devices. We also have more than 250,000 active monthly users of our mobile app, who use it for faster payments and on-the-go responses.

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