Auto Rankings 2023

10 automotive personas critical for growth

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COVID-19 spurred a deceleration of new car purchasing and created a shift in the purchase journey, but over the past 12 months some trendlines have begun to level. Understanding shifts in consumer behaviour, preferences and attitudes will be critical to charting a successful growth strategy.

Leveraging YouGov data, we’ve identified 10 key consumer audiences about whom automotive manufacturers and retailers need a nuanced POV.

Precautious passengers - 78% of adults in Britain say ‘My car should be equipped with as many safety features as possible’

Family first fanatics - 74% of Brits feel that having a car that works well for the whole family is very important to them

Environmentalists - 63% of British adults say that we should all drive less to save the environment

Fuel consumption cautious- 59% of adults in Great Britain say that fuel consumption is the most important feature when buying a new car

Cost conscious - 59% of British adults say that owning a car is too expensive

Bargain hunters - 55% of Brits like to shop around for the best petrol prices

Simplicity sovereigns - 50% of adults in GB don't care about fancy features in cars

Variety venturers- 44% of British adults enjoy driving different cars

Aesthetically inspired- 34% of Brits say that how their car looks is more important to them than engine performance

Non-committal consumers- 32% of Brits don't want to be locked into owning a car because their needs may change

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Strategy, insights and product leads can leverage YouGov Surveys to specifically target these consumer cohorts within YouGov’s highly engaged panel – whether it’s a quick response survey or deep-dive study.