10 agency personas critical for growth

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COVID-19 spurred a rapid change of how we consume and interact with advertising, media and content, but over the past 12 months some trendlines have begun to level. Understanding continued shifts in consumer behaviour, preferences and attitudes will be critical to charting a successful growth strategy for the remainder of the decade.

Leveraging YouGov data, we’ve identified 10 key consumer audiences about whom agency leaders need a nuanced POV.

Oblivious attendees - 69% of adults in Great Britain rarely notice who sponsors an event

Realistic voyeurs - 64% of Brits like seeing ‘real looking people’ in ads

Suspicious scrollers - 56% of British adults say that personalised adverts ‘creep them out’

Value verifiers - 52% of Britons say that if a brand holds a view they disagree with, they will stop buying from that brand

Brand sceptics - 47% of Brits believe that brands that express views on political or social issues are just trying to exploit them

Observant travellers - 45% of British adults often notice adverts in train carriages and on the side of busses

The advert advised - 33% of adults in GB say that advertising helps them choose what to buy

Social media engagers- 25% of Britons say that they are more likely to engage with advertisements on social media than on regular websites

Informed informants - 25% of Brits often talk to their friends and/or family about things they have seen advertised on posters/billboards

Brand obsessed- 15% of adults in Britain say that they are a sucker for anything branded, even if it’s expensive

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Strategy, insights and product leads can leverage YouGov Surveys to specifically target these consumer cohorts within YouGov’s highly engaged panel – whether it’s a quick response survey or deep-dive study.