EVU Market Atlas 2024

The largest energy customer survey in Switzerland in the B2B and B2C sectors.

Improve the brand performance and market demand of your energy supply company (ESC) – data-based, up-to-date and representative.

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ESC benchmark study – B2C

We make the brand performance and market demand of Swiss energy supply companies visible, plannable and controllable.

Using a representative consumer survey of around 10,000 private individuals in Switzerland, we analyse various potentials and trends in the energy market for you, measure the brand performance of the 29 largest energy supply companies, using various KPIs and shed light on their customer relationships. Using data science models, the results are extrapolated at municipal and land size and are made available in an adaptive dashboard. This benchmark study was conducted for the first time in 2022/2023 and is currently being repeated for 2023/2024.

The ESC Market Atlas B2C is the largest energy customer survey in Switzerland in the B2C sector and provides valid results for all language regions and cantons.

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ESC benchmark study – B2B

Around 1,500 working people in Switzerland who are (co-)decision-makers for energy issues in their professional role will be surveyed for the first time in 2023/2024 for the ESC Market Atlas B2B. We analyse various aspects relating to topics such as satisfaction, level of information, probability of switching, trend topics and the brand image of the 29 largest Swiss electricity providers. The results are made available to you in a customisable dashboard.

The ESC Market Atlas B2B thus allows an in-depth analysis of the brand performance of various Swiss energy supply companies from a B2B customer perspective for the first time.

Focus on what really interests you

  • More effective market cultivation and greater customer proximity thanks to increased market transparency prior to possible liberalisation
  • Access to market potential as well as opinions and views of customers in Switzerland
  • Valid, data-based foundations for strategic marketing decisions
  • Opportunities to compare your own performance in terms of brand awareness and attractiveness as well as customer loyalty
  • Extrapolation of the results at municipal and hectare level, using data science models
  • Data preparation and provision in an adaptive dashboard
  • Positioning, brand comparison and market perspective based on reliable data
  • Review of measures by means of time comparison

Another level of audience intelligence

Customer insights

Customer relationship and brand performance including benchmarking

Product potential

Evaluate different energy products by target group, canton, municipality and hectare

Work with Autonomy

Self-service dashboard including data export, filter options and cartographic modelling

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