Powerful market intelligence, combining brand, audience, and sector-specific insights.

YouGov CategoryView offers in-depth insights into market trends and changing consumer behavior to drive brand growth.

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A complete market perspective

360-degree view.

Connect brand, audience, and sector data for clear insights across the marketplace, driven by industry-leading panel data.

Be ready to react.

Stay ahead by understanding and monitoring market trends, shifts, and patterns, so that you can make informed decisions about your brand and with confidence.


Access the data you need, all in one place. Our dashboard is designed to be user-friendly, making it easier than ever to monitor the trends that matter most.

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Elevate your marketing strategy

Audience intelligence: Identify unique customer characteristics. Uncover how prospective customer preferences change over time.

Industry trends: Track the latest industry insights and spot opportunities for growth.

Category penetration analysis: Understand market entry and growth potential.

Competitor benchmarking: Evaluate brand performance against competitors.

Brand and marketing performance: Monitor brand visibility, perceptions, and media spend effectiveness.

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Explore living data

YouGov CategoryView is part of our ever-growing source of constantly evolving, connected intelligence. We call it living data.

Build sector-specific market intelligence with YouGov CategoryView, then connect to YouGov's other solutions for a full view of your audience; Plan your strategy, Explore online behavior, Activate campaigns and more.


Enhance your market intelligence

Build your brand

Use our sector-specific insights to pinpoint potential customers and refine your marketing strategies.

Competitive edge

Stay ahead of your competitors with a comprehensive view of how your sector is evolving, enhancing your brand’s market positioning.

Interactive dashboard

Our user-friendly dashboard facilitates easy cross-tabulation and filtering by key metrics and demographics.


Discover more for your sector

Powerful market intelligence, combining brand, audience, and sector-specific insights.