Data Snapshot for MMM

Get a snapshot of YouGov’s living data from our flagship brand health tracker YouGov BrandIndex, to strengthen the explanatory and predictive power of your marketing measurement

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Optimize your marketing mix strategy

Integrate brand health and consumer sentiment into marketing measurement methods

Determine causal relationships with robust brand health data

Increase the quality of insights generated from Media Mix Modeling by accounting for longer-term changes in brand equity and health. Integrate consistent, flexible brand health tracking data into your model to explore the ROI from improved brand equity and measure the impact of shifts in consumer sentiment.

  • Consistent data collection: quality time-series data across 55+ markets and 21,000+ brands globally, collected consistently
  • Robust history: with 10+ years of data in major markets, choose the right length of historical tracking data (and periodicity) needed to fit timeseries model parameters
  • Customizable: build your own BrandIndex snapshot across a wide variety of vectors (brands, metrics, time periods) to seamlessly integrate with your modeling parameters (ex. periodicity, length of history, regionality)
  • Rapid delivery: deliverable within days; an existing snapshot of YouGov’s constantly collected living data

Client benefits

Elevate the impact of your marketing mix measurement

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Measure impact on business performance

Go beyond standard business drivers – price, distribution, & media – to understand the business impact of brand equity & consumer sentiment

Tailored to fit your mix model

Choose the periodicity, regionality or audiences that suit you with data collected at a nationally representative, respondent-level

On-demand historical data

Access years of consistently captured historical brand data, across a choice of 16 brand health and customer funnel metrics