Get to know your customers using YouGov Surveys: Self-serve
July 2nd, 2024, Clifton Mark

Get to know your customers using YouGov Surveys: Self-serve

“Get to know your customers day”, which occurs on the third Thursday of each quarter, is a reminder for businesses to get to know their customers a little better. Sometimes the best way to learn about someone is simply to ask them. YouGov Surveys: Self-serve is a fast turnaround tool to get real answers from real audiences, no matter how niche.

Audiences for special occasions

For example, this year we used customized Self-serve surveys to find out what relevant audiences expect on special occasions. Only 3% of British mums would like to spend Mother’s Day with their romantic partners away from their children, whereas three times as many (10%) of American moms would do the same. We also learned that, for one in three American dads, the best Father’s Day gift is no gift at all.

Self-serve helped us delve into how Black Americans celebrated Juneteenth this year, and what women on both sides of the Atlantic expect from brands on International Women’s Day.

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Sector-specific audiences

Self-serve can also isolate sector-specific audiences. After-sales services can be a key selling point in the auto sector. For American car owners, complimentary services such as car washes and tire rotations are the most valued. In Britain, regular maintenance and servicing is more important, especially for owners aged 30 years and older. About 40% of consumers would be interested in having a digital voice assistant in their next car, both in the US and in Great Britain.

In the travel industry, Surveys: Self-serve tells us that while 75% of Americans would switch seats on a plane to allow a fellow passenger to sit next to a younger member of their family, only 52% would do so to allow them to sit next to a friend. Among Britons who plan to take in international trip in the next year, 38% of those aged 40 and older are concerned about falling sick, but among 18-24-year-olds it’s only 18%.

When it comes to media, YouGov can tell you who is watching and listening to what, and where they’re doing it. Self-serve taught us that when Brits eat alone, 50% of them will watch TV or movies, but this drops to 31% if they’re eating with others.

It can also dig deeper into audiences of particular titles. Most British viewers of the reality show Traitors believe they’d make better Faithfuls than Traitors. More than three-fifths of the American Oscars audience are favorable towards Jimmy Kimmel, compared to only 35% of the general population. One in five Oscars-watchers say that red carpet fashions are one of their top interests.

The retail pharmacy business is changing, and Surveys: Self-serve can offer a quick view of how audiences might respond. In the face of CVS closing storefronts across the US, a custom survey told us that 39% of Americans would choose a different pharmacy nearby if their local pharmacy closed, while 33% would go to a different location of the same brand.

Ad and policy tracking

Self-serve can help track what consumers think of specific policies and ads.

Discount airlines EasyJet and Ryanair both update their luggage rules from time to time. We asked their customers who are considering flying with them in the next year how much this matters. It turns out, 60% say that baggage allowance is important when booking an airline. That’s a lot, but not as much as the 88% that say that price is important.

Self-serve can also help test ads for specific audiences. Is Heinz’s tattoo-based campaign landing with young Americans? Do British audiences actually get what the new Cadbury’s commercial is trying to say? Who really won Super Bowl LVIII, the commercial for Pringles or DoorDash?

Whether your target audience is the entire nation or a tiny niche, Surveys: Self-serve can find your future customers and help you get to know them.