What do American dads want for Father’s Day? (a third say 'nothing')
May 31st, 2024, Clifton Mark

What do American dads want for Father’s Day? (a third say 'nothing')

With June upon us, YouGov surveyed 500 American dads to find out which gifts and activities would help them have a happy Father's Day.

When it comes to Father's Day activity ideas, most dads (58%) want to spend time with the kids. Enjoying a meal at home is the next most popular option. With 42% dad approval, eating at home beats eating out, chosen by 30%, by a big margin.

While most dads would like to spend time with family, some want some time to themselves. About a quarter of American dads (24%) just want control of the remote so they can watch some TV of their choice. One in five fathers say they’d like to spend time on their own. Doing nothing (15%) and spending time with friends (15%) were also selected by smaller portions of fathers. Boating, golfing and winning the Power Ball lotto were among the answers written in by the 6% who selected “other.”

Father’s Day Gift Ideas? 

If you’re worried about what to buy for dad this year, don’t fret. According to the data, it just doesn’t matter as much as Mother’s Day. Asked what they’d like to receive as a gift for Father’s Day, the greatest proportion of dads (32%) said they did not want to receive any gifts at all. On Mother’s Day, “no presents” was ranked #11 by gift-hungry American moms.

Of the 7% of dads who filled in their own gift wishes, most had to do with spending time with the family, either in person or by phone call or text. “For my children to tell me they love me,” wrote one dad. “A hug,” wrote another.

Next to not wanting a gift, the most popular options are to be taken out for drinks/a meal (19%), a greeting card (18%) or a gift card (17%). Not many were interested in receiving clothing or accessories (7%) or photos of their family or themselves (7%).

YouGov polled 500 American fathers online on May 29, 2024. The survey was carried out through YouGov Surveys: Self-serve.  Learn more about YouGov Surveys: Self-serve.